March 30th, 2004

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I don't believe this.  I really don't.  Someone plagiarised me.

Okay.  Okay, I won't jump to conclusions.  And I was going to go to bed about half an hour ago, but the Spuffyfluff craving got the better of me (and in the absence of food not stopping me being hungry, I figured anything was better than nothing...) and I went on a random search.  And I found a decent fic, all things told, and checked out the author to see if she'd got any short offerings I could devour before bed.  And, wonder of wonders, she'd written a Touched-fic.

Nobody seems to write Touched-fic; there's plenty of Chosen missing-scene fic, plenty of post-Chosen, plenty for Lies My Parents Tod Me and who knows what else besides, but it seems the most wonderfully Spuffy episode of the season is getting ignored.  Which, okay, fair enough, maybe people aren't brave enough to handle it; it's the same reason most people let Beneath You alone.  Didn't stop me from trying.  So, anyway, I was happily reading said Touched-fic, and then I realised that it was awfully, awfully familiar.  Perhaps too familiar.

But stop.  Think.  It's possible.  It really is possible; it's within the realms of plausibility that two people could use the same turn of phrase for the same character's feelings.  But this is too much.

You can see for yourself.  If you want to read the whole things, the first chapter of mine is here and the one I just read is here.  Mine was published on June 30th 2003, and the second part uploaded on July 8th.  The one I just read was published on October 23rd 2003.  Far enough away that people would have forgotten all about mine, or missed it entirely.

If you don't want to read the whole thing, I present the case for the prosecution under the cut...

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So, what do you think?  I mean, it's fairly obvious that she blatantly ripped off my idea, for what it's worth, as well as most of my prose and character-suppositions.  Should I rat her out on it in a review?  Report her?  I know FFN have a policy to deal with plagiarism, but I'd need to check up on that, and they're so bogged down with mail at the moment it'd be a month before anyone took action.  I don't really want to let it lie because, y'know, it's my bloody fic, and one I happen to be rather proud of, but... oh, Christ, I don't know.  Any and all advice would be welcomed, please...
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'Tis done.

I reported the plagiarising-bitch-girl who stole my story.  Probably be a while before it's dealt with, but I feel better.  I also left a review saying "Consider yourself reported. I think you know why." which, while not exactly mature, will probably scare her a little.  I wonder if she'll email me.  Be fun arguing it, I think...

Will keep everyone posted.  I read a few more of hers today; most are better than the bits I showed last night, but the beginning of her Chosen fic is also really, really familiar to one I read a while back... Just random sentences, you know?  And the same plot and pretty much the same Buffy/Spike conversation.  Probably me being paranoid.  It wouldn't surprise me if she did it to someone else...

In any case, hers only got 3 reviews where mine got 13 (well, she's got 4, now...) and I'm contenting myself with the fact that, modesty thrown aside, mine was way better anyway.  Not perfect, by any means, but better.