March 31st, 2004

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It all makes sense now!

This one's for the Buffy geeks who are also soapgeeks.  Which is... probably precisely none of you, but here it is anyway.

So.  Eastenders.  Current 'ship of choice now that Kat and Alfie is resolved, though not precisely without angst, is Sharon/Dennis.  I'm wondering if I'm really the only one sitting there going "What's the big deal? She's adopted!  He's not even her real brother!! at the television; actually, I'm probably not, since the BBC message board txtspkers seem to advocate it, too.  Oh, how low I have come, to ship for 'Stenders.  I formally apologise.  Just be glad I didn't put it in my shipper post; believe me, I get worked up enough over both of my preferred 'ships in it to warrant a few hundred words, and if you hurl Ash/Shirley into that mix, well, we'd be here all night.  (Alas, that one's been killed off. Bastards.)  So, anyway, Sharon/Dennis.  This one's almost as addictive as Kat/Alfie was (though Alfie had the tortured soul thing down better...) and I just figured out why.

They're Buffy and Spike.  And they have their very own Dawn and Giles.


Sharon: she's blonde.  Last year, her fiancée died in a fire, him being a fireman and trying to get Little Mo out.  She mopes about pretty much everything.  She's headstrong and knows what she wants, and doesn't let people get in her way.  She's adopted.  Her mother died when she was 14 (? - not sure, was young at the time...) and her Dad (the infamous Dirty Den Watts) has just resurfaced from 'the dead' (i.e. Spain) to come back into her life to tell her how to run it. She has a younger sister (not by blood; Den's daughter by her friend Michelle, who was Pauline's daughter; I swear, everyone in that bloody Square's related somehow...) who provoked her to get in touch with her brother (Den's son by someone else), Dennis, and also brought Den back from Spain.  I never said this wasn't complicated.
Buffy:  she's blonde, though that's debatable. :)  Um... her various boyfriends are gone or technically dead, and both try to help the underdog in some fashion.  She mopes about pretty much everything.  She's headstrong, yada yada.  She's practically as well as adopted by Giles.  Her mother died when she was 18.  She has a younger sister (not by blood, technically...) who, um, told her Spike was in love with her, and... okay, can't link to Giles.  But you get the idea.
Dennis: bad boy turned good through the love of a woman.  Doesn't get on that well with Den.  Is fawned over and generally annoyed by younger sister, Vicky. Spent far too long attempting to convince Sharon she did, in fact, love him back.
Spike: need I say more?

Then, obviously, Den is Giles and Vicky is Dawn (she's almost as annoying, for the record.)

Tee hee.  Don't you love synchronicity?

You can come out now.  The scary soaplady has gone.
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Oh, God...

I just realised something.

See, there are three tenor voices that make me dissolve into a pile of goo.  Michael Ball is one of them, and Jeremy's another (and that, out of all the other things, is one of the reasons the whole him-thing started; there are really not that many singing voices that can make my insides dissolve, hence, instant idol-status for anyone that can...) and, of course, Michael Crawford is another.  And, okay, James Marsters, but only at the con singing Rest In Peace a capella, and I don't even have the evidence of that since it's not on the video... bastards.  But yes. Only three.  Jeremy and the two Michaels.

And I'd completely forgotten.

And I'm seeing him live in October. Note that word.  Live.  Not recorded.  Live, in-the-flesh in theatrical surround sound, and in the fifth row. And possibility of actual meetingness at the stage door, which I don't even want to contemplate at the moment, because it's too terrifying a concept.

Do we think perhaps I should warn the theatre in advance that there'll be a melted-me mess to clearn up?  Because really, this is not going to be pretty.  At Little Shop, it took every ounce of my self-control not to whimper and generally make a scene.  I'm going to have to take a gag, or something.

Anyway, while we're on the subject, I dreamt I was at The Woman In White last night... except nobody could follow the plot, and for some reason he was playing Lorne, and then he was signing things in some random conference room upstairs in the theatre after a cast-and-crew Q&A about the show, and I was trying to get something signed for Angela (going to be part of the plan anyway) and he ended up writing these random essays along with the signature.  He seemed to be a nice bloke, in any case.  And then there was this weirdness with Kat from 'Stenders and... Dave Brottman, who lived in a falling-down tower near the sea which we thought was deserted, and... yeah, that bit didn't make much sense.

But I'm blaming it on Eni, anyway, because of last night's/this morning's comment tennis.  And that's also why I'm listening to Michael Crawford anyway, so I can transcribe the Gene Kelly and Phantom anecdotes...
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Michael Crawford's Gene Kelly anecdote - transcript.

First transcription done.  This comes after "Tonight" and before "Before the Parade Passes By" as a link.  It's funny, but not as funny as the Phantom one that comes later...  I've tried to keep in all the stumbles and randomness because it's amusing, but it's sort of difficult to do, so bear with it.  I imagine there's also lots of interesting gestures and faces, but obviously, this being only an audio CD, I don't know what they are.  I'm sure you can imagine...

Collapse )

*grin*  Transcription can't really do it justice, mind you, but it makes me giggle.