April 1st, 2004

Christine - pity

New icon, once more.

I'm going to have to buy some more, I think.  I've only got room for four more, and I want to eventually use the entire songset of That I Would Be Good.

Anyway, this one... this one was the final product of random messing about in Photoshop (which, incidentally, needs an auto-recover function, because for some reason it keeps closing itself for no reason and losing everything I've done since the last save...) and it's my favourite of all of them...  Quotes are various from the libretto; just things that seemed apt.

... ... ... ...

The animated/scrolling one is currently over 40k because I couldn't be bothered to mess with it properly and I was getting annoyed with ImageReady (it's a really, really user-unfriendly animator...) but I like it anyway.  Last one is just a blank version of the one I'm using.  The others are all icon-sized in terms of file size.

As for exactly why, well, collie_wing commented after my Michael Crawford Phantom transcript that there should be a "Let me show you my Raoul" icon, and I thought I'd try and make one, so I looked through The Complete Phantom of the Opera for inspiration... alas, there were no pictures of Nelson Eddy's Raoul, so i gave up, instead scanning one of the pretty paintings by Robert Heindel.  He did some for Cats, too; they're up at my doctor's surgery back home and I want them...

Original painting for the icons, then, is under the cut...

Collapse )

What else, what else... Oh, yes, have copied Sunset Boulevard for Eni and Miss Saigon for Sarra; have checked the latter, and about to check the former, resisting the urge to listen to Phantom now I'm in the mood... Though, bah, I guess I can check the SB copy tomorrow...  Yes.  Will listen to Phantom and indulge in Lloyd Webberan melodrama...
Erik - blank


Well, I couldn't let Christine be iconified all on her own, could I?

One blank Erik (being used) because I was running out of quotes and he didn't leave me much room.  Others are:

... ... ...

I can't show you the original picture because it scanned all bright and horrible (hence the weird colouring of the icons in general) and a search has proved unfruitful to the cause.  In any case, it's three different angles of Erik, and it's called "I'm Here, I'm Here, I'm Here" (the icon is the middle Erik...)