April 2nd, 2004

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Soooo tired...

Gah, I hate the lunchtime shift.  Bloody Steve playing his bloody golf... *mutters*  It's not that it's boring... No, wait, utter lie, it is because it's boring.  It's only two hours, but I think I probably served about 15 drinks total, plus taking food orders, which, incidentally, is really frelling difficult when you have to use the till for drinks and the Pile of Change for food, and people will insist on ordering everything all at once.  For the amount of people we serve, we could easily just use one till for each thing and save a lot of hassle.

And, obviously, I had to get up early.  Well, 10.30, which is early when you've only had four hours sleep.  About that: I was actually quite tired at 2.00 when I went to bed, but then my brain wouldn't shut up until 6.00.  At about 3.00 I was struck with a random idea for an Edward Scissorhands fic, of all things (well, an inner Kim-monologue/perspective thingy...) and told myself not to write it because I'd never get any sleep.  I wish now I'd just written the damn thing; I wouldn't have lost any more sleep because of it.

Also keep coming up with random lines for the penultimate and final chapters of my latest Buffyfic (chapters 19 and 20, incidentally; I'm only on chapter 2...) but am, as yet, failing to come up with a plausible way to get rid of Kennedy.  She's not just annoying, she's impossible to write, so as of chapter 4, she's gone.  And then at some point I can write in Eni as Random Willow-Stalking Lady; they're going to meet randomly outside a theatre.  That's really only vaguely amusing if you're Eni... and even then, probably not so much.

I need to pack.  Going home tomorrow until Tuesday 13th.  Will attempt to do some dissertation whilst at home (and also some in the... okay, possibly not in the 2 hours before work...) even if said work is just going to Central Library to find random stuff on psychology...  I should probably make a list...

Anyway, I'll be in Brum during that time if you want to meet up...
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Boredom. Or procrastination. Your choice.

Snurched from both thefleshfailure and rachel2205:

1. Pick something on my interests list that you also like and describe why.
2. Pick something on my interests list that you don't like and describe why.
3. Pick something that is on my interests list that surprises you. Why does this surprise you?
4. Pick something that is on my interests list that you know next to nothing about. I'll 'splain if I can.
5. Pick something that you think should be on my interests list. Why do you think it should be?

Go on. You know you want to.
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Announcement, to whom it may concern, and some more Phantom randomness


Was just emailed by the Clarelet, and she has suggested a meetingness on Monday 12th April (Easter Monday) at 8.00pm in the Briar Rose.  I imagine those this applies to will read this, and can pass on the message to those that can't/don't/won't...

Phantom randomness:

The good thing about wearing your obsessions like a badge of honour is that people give you random presents...  Vicky's Westlife concert tickets came through today, and ticketmaster sent her a flyer for Phantom of the Opera in with them, so she gave it to me.  Yay for advertising.  So, naturally, I had to scan it.  It took six attempts, so the least you can do is look. ;)

(Two pictures, each 750x524 pixels, for those on dialup...)

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It's now sitting happily on my wardrobe next to collie_wing's wondrous picture...