April 3rd, 2004

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Plagiarising bitch-girl emailed me.  This gets better and better.  Not only is she an AOL-er, but her address is written in sTiCkYcApS (wow, that's hard to type...).  And the email?

From: [omitted to protect the idiotic]@aol.com
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:45:43 EST
To: teylaminh@cliffhanger.com
Subject: reported?

Yeah, what did u mean by being reported? what did i do? who are you?

Sent twice.  Oh, joy.  It's almost not worth it, but... oh, what the heck.  Let the battle of the flames commence...

Am currently working on pretentious reply, despite my tiredness.  I'll keep people posted...

Edit, not twenty seconds later: she deleted the fic! Ha! Talk about innocent until proven guilty...

Further edit: Okay, so she didn't send it twice. Collapse )

Yes, because hurling abuse at me is going to help your cause so much... I'd reply to that one as well, but at the moment I can't be bothered. It's a roundabout way of accusing me of plagiarising her; I would say, "check the upload dates, moron", but she's deleted it, so I can't. In any case, I caught her, so that makes it all better.
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Email tennis continues with plagiarising girl.  She's adamant that she's never read my story, and thus, didn't copy it.  Sorry, the paragraph comparison would seem to imply otherwise.  She's going to repost, she says (it was fanfic.net that deleted the story, not her, which, okay, I should have realised...) to which I say, fine, go ahead.  I'll just re-report it.  Or perhaps get someone else to.  Be interesting to see how many people we can get her into email wars with.  And then claim that none of them know each other.  Which would obviously be very immature, but at this point, I just don't care.

And maybe she didn't plagiarise me.  Maybe she plagiarised someone else who did, which would validify her claim that she's never read my story.  I honestly don't even care any more.  I am more and more tempted of late to just take everything down from the Buffy section (it seems to be the only place where I get this aggravation; serves me right for being part of a large fanbase) and leave placeholder chapters (I have all my reviews saved back) if that wouldn't get me banned on the 'NO AUTHORS NOTES FOR CHAPTERS!!!!!" rule.  If there was a delete chapter function, that would help immensely; I'm surprised there isn't one already, and that's just one of the gripes I have against fanfic.net of late.  In any case, I may just replace each story with either the first chapter or the first paragraph, and then a note saying "This is archived elsewhere now.  Want to read it?  Drop me an email."  Whiny and petty it may be, but I'm fed up of this.

I sent her another reply, saying that a) I don't have time to argue this - I thought email arguing would be amusing, but it's not - b) it may be possible that we both wrote the exact same thing (not the idea itself, but the actual words) but that I highly doubt this and c) that the matter is closed.  But I expect another email very soon, that I shall graciously ignore unless she pisses me off again.  Which she inevitably will.

Ugh, this is never going to end.

(Incidentally, Derek, why do you take such pleasure lately in disagreeing with everything I say?  If you don't like what you read, you have it within your power to stop doing so.  It's like turning off the television when something you don't want to watch comes on.)

Will not rant further.  I'm tired and I'm going home now.  I'm thinking I may abstain from the internet for the week because it's clearly not good for me, but I won't even last two days so it's a pointless claim.  I'm just getting sick of fanfic.net and all the arseholes it seems to harbour, and if I could be bothered to find somewhere else to go, I would, but, alas, I am a creature of habit...

Oh, ignore me.  It would probably be the wiser thing to do.  I'm going home now and may or may not see you online; if not I'll probably see most of you on Easter Monday, unless you all want to avoid the inevitability of my argumentative opinonated personality.