April 11th, 2004

Spuffy - with or without

Addiction? What addiction?

Well, I went an entire week without the Internet. No big, you might think. But I did it willingly. I needed the time out.

Anyway, apologies for whatever I said last post; I don't remember, but I know I wasn't in the best of moods. I did an incredibly lengthy and rambling and thoroughly irritating post on the train (more on that in a moment) on the way home, but it's still in the notebook and will probably remain there. In any case, I've caught up on sleep, if not work - still have 10,000 words to write, alas - whilst at home, as well as finishing chapter two of Broken Record. Priorities, people. :)

Will doubtless see several of you tomorrow, some of whom I must talk to about Top Secret Things, but I don't think either of them read this any more...

Anyway, the train thing. You have to do it at least once in your lifetime, I think. I got on the wrong train. All right, stop laughing. In my defense, the train to Crewe shouldn't even have been at that bloody platform in the first place, and I couldn't hear the announcements over screaming children and station traffic. They didn't check the tickets until Uttoxeter (two stops later) and then I got off at a place called Blythe Bridge, waited twenty minutes for another train (the next wasn't until an hour after that; there was a pub nearby, but I had images of it being "A Local Pub for Local People" and was very glad the train to Derby turned up) then finally got home three hours later than anticipated. But it was interesting, to say the least...

Went on a three mile walk in the Lickeys on Tuesday, and will post interesting photos when I'm back on... Tuesday, oddly enough.

Don't think there's anything else of interest. I got bought clothes! It's been so long! And will wear the new jeans on Monday, doubtless to much pointing and laughing because I'm a Big Greebo in them. Have still not sent Eni the Sunset CDs, cannot be buggered to read the communities on my friends list, so I hope there's not too much from everyone else to plough through... I think that's it.

Signing off now. Only on to check email - incuding to see if there's anything from Plagiarising Bitch Girl, who maintains she'll just repost. Well, hon, I can play the game as long as you can; you repost, I'll re-report. Anyway, if there's anything from her, I'll delete it unread. I am washing my hands of the entire incident.

That's it...