April 14th, 2004

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Dissertation update 1/many.

Introduction is done, standing at 290 words.  I bloody hate doing introductions.  Conclusions are even worse...

I reckon if I try and average just over 1000 words per day - which'll depend entirely on the functionality of my brain, the cooperation of my fingers when typing, and what I'm writing about - I should be done by the Friday before it's due in, giving me the weekend to get the thing printed and bound.  Tomorrow I'll go in to see if a) Dave is in and b) he'll see me very quickly so I can ask about the official deadline date and actual laying out and stuff.  And if he's not, I'll ask at Student Services.  Also, c) to find out the hand-in date for my Creative Writing TV script so I know how quickly I'll have to write the damn thing.

I'm beginning to suspect they possibly have not told us everything they should have told us in regards to Independent Studies...  And also that I should have started this a month ago, but, well, some things never change, and my procrastination is one of those things.

Talking of which... back to the dissertation.
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Second update.

1261 words total at the moment; intro is 301 (grr, stupid 1...) and the first chapter is 960, but there's still a bit to do.  Most of that is, admittedly, some ramble about dates when things happened, but, hey, it's all words, right?

Maybe if I try to average a chapter and a half per day...

Edit at 16.50:Chapter 1 done and standing quite happily at 1052 words, bringing my total to 1353 of 4000. I've now hit a dead end because I need to go to the library at Cedars tomorrow (assuming it's even open) and peruse a psychology textbook to see if there's anything on catharsis... Look, I need to reference something academic, okay? ;)

Still, I feel like I've done some work, and I had a feeling that once I got it started, it honestly wouldn't take that long. In any case, my brain's dissolving from overuse, so I'll read s'more of Mosaic (I finally finished Fire Ship; I managed to read half of it in 2 nights at home; it took me about a week to read three chapters when I was here...) and probably eat something, then see if I'm inspired later to do a bit about plagiarism... Or maybe the analysis section; I don't want to leave that til last and sit staring at it for five hours hoping it'll write itself, 'specially since I have to do 6000 words for that. Mind you, that's 6000 words to stretch over 5 texts...
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Frasier-type thoughts.

Well, that'd be the end of Maris, then.  Which is a good thing and a bad thing, in several ways.  It's a good thing because, for a start, she was Maris, and had to be gotten rid of even if she was less evil than Mel...  And it was done in a suitably bizarre Frasier-esque fashion.  The bad thing is... now I know for certain we're never going to get to actually damn well see her.  I always thought we eventually would - in the final episode, or something... but then, I also thought we'd eventually hear DS9's Morn say something, and we didn't.  Nevertheless... I thought we'd get to see Maris one of these days...

I guess we'll just have to content ourselves with the mental image of Lilith, only more terrifying...