April 15th, 2004

Spuffy - numb

*large inane grin*

Incidentally, as a random aside, remember the all-holy wonderful Spuffy fic from the highest arched ceiling of heaven?  The one that had me rhapsodising a few weeks back?  She updated.  And I'd actually forgotten how fabulous it really was.  (And no, not just because she referred to Spike as 'Vampentino' and caused me to cackle hysterically...)

Fic, dude!  It's like chocolate for the soul. Or something.
Buffy - sanity

Damn. Now it's official...

I am hereby actually obsessed with Most Haunted.  I had a dream about it last night.  Or rather, I had a dream about Derek Acorah...  Um.  I think I was with other people, one of whom was Aisha and I don't know who the other was, and we'd gone to see the show, which was done rather like an interactive audience experience thing rather than being filmed, edited, and broadcast as it actually is.  Except we got there late and managed to catch the very end of it, and them finishing up.  But then we managed to catch Derek as he was wandering back to some other bit of the set.  And this is when it started to look very much like a theme park, because it'd got a souvenir shop and he was apparently assigned to work the tills that day...

So we followed him in, and it looked a lot like my grandmother's old house as we're leaving the set - there was a set of stable doors and then two steps down onto a patio, with a little flower garden between it and the grass...  But anyway, that was a random remembrance.  We followed Derek, and since it was a non-busy day (it was a Wednesday), he decided to give us a free psychic reading to establish if any of us had any psychic ability.  The person-who-I-don't-remember wasn't psychic in the slightest, I was a little bit, and Aisha, it turned out, could be a medium she was so psychic.  Then they had to go home because they had trains to catch, and since I didn't (maybe it was in Derby?) I stayed behind and chatted to Derek for a bit, and I remember telling him about the ghost cat we had at the house on Reginald Road, plus all assorted odditites (specifically, it walking up the bed and blowing in my mum's face, and the incident with the falling pipe box that seemed intent to kill me...) which he was very interested in.

And then - this is when it gets fun - he invited me to the next show, which was on a Friday in Newcastle, because he had two tickets to get rid of left over from some competition or something.  Frell knows why that's relevant; it doesn't even make sense in the context of the 'theme park' vibe I was getting.  Anyway, he invited me, and asked if I could make it.  I said I probably could, but I'd have to get the night off work, and it depended on what time it finished since I didn't know anyone from Newcastle.

This bit seemed to be late at night - well, it was after the show, so that makes sense - so I was in a rush to get everything sorted, and part of me was hoping if I made enough excuses he'd offer to drive me in his snazzy white sportscar (well, according to the website...) but I knew that wasn't polite of me so I was desperately trying to sort things.  There was this weird section with a hotel where I had to phone them on a special mobile phone that I'd never used, and when she asked for the number, I didn't know it;  the receptionist girl told me the number was on the cover of the phone, and it turned out that to work out what it was, you had to find a word on the front (mine said "WAIL") and then take all the letters of that word out of the random letters on the phone - sort of like how you text, only not in any logical order - to find out what the ringtone was... it was confusing, but that's the best way I can explain.)  So by the time I'd figured it out, she'd hung up on me.

And then, for some reason, in my mental unconscious map of Britain, I decided that Newcastle was really close to Manchester, so I could go and invade Eni's floor.  So I phoned her up (on the special phone, and she still knew it was me, strangely) and we had a conversation that was something along the lines of:

"Hi, BeX."

"...Hi.  Um, this won't take long and I'm in a rush, but I need somewhere to sleep on Friday night, so could I stay at yours?"

*long pause, where I can hear her scratching her head*  "I suppose so, but why?"

"I'm going to be in Newcastle and you're closer."

And that's... nothing like it, but that's the general vibe I got from it.  So, that being all sorted, I said to Derek that yes, I could come to the show on Friday.  And he told me I'd get preferential treatment because they were front row tickets.  So, yay for that.

Then there was this weird flashforward part where I was trying to figure out what time the last train from Newcastle to Manchester was, and trying to look on a map to remember the name of the station that was down the road from Eni's house so I wouldn't have to make her come and get me...

Then I was at the show, with Naomi, and it turned out to be on a Thursday, but I'd not had time to phone into work and ask for the night off - then, as it turned out, Steve and Sue were at the show, so I didn't have to.  In any case, I apologised to them profusely and they said it was okay.  All I remember of the show itself was, um, riding on an elephant with about five other people all sitting on top of each other, with someone on my lap, and then... doing a charity thing where I had to walk and talk with a boy from Zimbabwe with two wooden legs who couldn't see, then filling in random questionnaires that involved mis-pronunciations of the word 'transvestite'... and Becky Kelly, who was in my year at school, turned up completely at random.

Also, I remember buying pens from the souvenir shop that cost me £7.20...

Wow.  Okay, the ending was weird.  But the Derek-Acorah-inviting-me-to-the-show section was kinda cool.  Also, I slept oddly on my right shoulder and now it hurts...

I need to make a Most Haunted icon...
Photo - leaves


Word count now stands at 2106 of 4000 for the first section.  The bad thing is, I'm nowhere near halfway, so may have to cut it up... or just, y'know, go over the word limit.  So long as i've got a 40/60 split between the background/analysis, I'll be fine... he'll just have to cope with it.  Anyway, my 'why it happens' section is done-ish.  Needs tweaking because it's a pile of annoying ramble, but it's done...  I'm beginning to wish I hadn't agreed to work tonight, because, y'know, that's four hours I lose that I could be doing work in.  Or, possibly, I should've woken up before 1pm...