April 19th, 2004

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Reality, as we know it, is a figment of the imagination...

Or, in other words, I randomly decided to listen to Rocky Horror (really appalling awful London cast version, but I love it because it's so crappy, and the version of Once In A While has nice harmonies) and made an icon to celebrate the fact.  And naturally, whilst listening to it, I remembered how utterly fantastic it is, in general, and got nostalgic in the process.

I'd do a long, gushing entry that extolled the virtues of Rocky Horror, but to be honest, I'm too tired to do so.  So instead, I present a list of random things I remembered/thought of whilst listening to the soundtrack:

1) Listening to this particular version at home on a constant loop.  I think it was actually the first copy of the soundtrack I ever got, now I come to think about it, and only because it was £5.99 or something ridiculous.  'Course, now I have six different versions (except the Australian cast version because the front cover terrifies me...), each one slightly different.  But anyway, I remember listening to this one at home, on the old computer, waaay back when we lived at the old house.  Which means, even more terrifyingly, it must have been the one with Windows 3.1 on it, and it was in the front room, and I would sing along - with headphones -  incredibly loudly, thus providing an a capella concert of moaning and groaning scary voices...  Which means I was probably composing a lengthy letter to Jenn at the time...

2) When it got to "Damnit, Janet", I remembered the first time I saw the live show, with Jennifer and her dad.  We did this thing on the 'Janet's and the 'Oh, Brad's, where we'd just look at each other and say them.  It became a sort of tradition after that, when singing it to ourselves and when we saw it the second time.  So, naturally, that got me thinking about Jennifer in general, and the fact that I haven't seen her for absolutely sodding ages, and it wasn't that we fell out or even drifted apart, we just... didn't manage to ever actually meet up.  Must rectify that over the summer, I think.

3) I forgot how much Rocky actually gave me...
~ a whole tonne of online friends, some of whom I still know, some of whom I don't, and some of whom I'm still vaguely in contact with even if not regularly.  I'd say, actually, that after The X-Files, Rocky was my first online fandom.  The Zen Room was my local pub, a place to meet friends and get (metaphorically) drunk; Cosmo's factory was my Bible; Rocky Horror.Com was a place of wonder and fascination.  I still remember fondly how I would chat in the Zen til the early hours of the morning, getting to know people, arguing with Erik/Evildotz, or just plain being stupid; I remember cleaning out the Zen fridge; I remember LordRiffRaff throwing me in the pool; I remember discussing phobias with Carrie, and adopting far too many aliases.  And I remember my first day there, when avem and I sang bits of The Sound of Music for absolutely no reason, and I knew it was a place I'd belong.  It sucks now.  But our Zen was, is and forever shall be remembered as the Greatest Chat Room in the Universe.
~ as to those online friends, they were: Outcast Spice, whom I no longer talk to; Garak/Angelus/Mike, who I should really talk to again; avem, he of the jelly bean sending and Smartie-craving; Plague, who flirted with anything female that moved; Carrie, who I didn't really know that well, but whom I now know through livejournal; Katie and Traci, who swiftly both became two of my best friends, even though I haven't spoken to the latter for ages.  There were many, many more, too many to remember.  But I've made more online acquaintances through Rocky than probably anything else.
~ four wonderfully manic nights out to see the live show (3 times) and the movie (once) with various groups of friends.  There's nothing like dressing up (down?) in your underwear to bring people together.

And you know?  I still remember the first time I saw the movie.  It was on Sky Movies, before we got digital, at midnight.  I stayed up to watch the whole thing (we were taping it as well) because at the time, it was Gemma's pet obsession, and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  I was 16.  So I watched it, was thoroughly confused, and didn't see it again until some time after that.  The next specific viewing I remember was before Jen and I saw the live show, and I invited her over to watch it so she'd have a clue; that was the night I decreed I would be Magenta - and why, to this day, I'm not comfortable going as any other character - and the night we both realised it was Richard O'Brien singing the opening credits (even though, for the record, they're Pat Quinn's lips, and her reaction when she found out he'd sing it was, I quote, "You bastard!")  After seeing the live show, there followed a series of re-viewings by which I became completely obsessed, fell briefly in love with Frank N Further (everyone does; I think it's a rite of passage or something) and inflicted it on my family, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I've drifted in and out of the obsession since then, but it still remains.  Rocky is just one of those things you never stop loving, I think.

And, in the manner of curiosity, and since everyone remembers when they first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I ask you: when was your first viewing?
Photo - leaves


Word count: 3818.  About to do some more after I've had a shower.  Checked the IS handbook, which says we have to hand in two copies, and that the CAMS handbook tells us about binding, which it does, so hurrah.  All I have to go in for now is to check the handin date for Creative Writing and get a coversheet.

Went to post office.  Eni's Sunset Boulevard CDs are in the post being sent first class, as is the other Top Secret Thing Sent To Someone's Parent.

Also went to check my post.  Eni's Hair CD has arrived, and I shall listen after aforesaid shower and dissertation-writing.  Told office lady about the annoying music-playing bloke beneath me (I know who it is, too.  His surname starts with the same letter as mine, so obviously, his post was in the same pigeon-hole.)  She said she'll tell the night supervisor to talk to him about it tonight, and if it doesn't stop, to phone up said night supervisor when it happens again.  Odds he won't play any music tonight?

Also, random amusement: Becky broke the microwave last night. Or, more specifically, she blew it up.  Well, it blew itself up, but she'd just used it, so I'm blaming her.  They've fixed it now, so none of us'll starve...

I'm sure there was something else...