April 21st, 2004

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Okay.  Tomorrow.  Will someone please phone me at, like, 10am, to get me out of bed?  I need to go into uni to get an IS cover sheet before I can get the bloody thing bound.  I was going to go in today, woke up at 10.30, and then looked again and it was 1.30, with no apparent transition between the two...

I frelling hate sleeping at uni.
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Invisible wall.

How surreal.  I just went to the bathroom, which is on the courtyard side of the building, and the outside smelt of fresh Spring rain.  So I opened my window (which is roadside) and it smells like fresh wet concrete.  Not that this is interesting in the slightest, I realise, but it was weird...

Word count for "Is It Post-Modern?" currently stands at just under 1000 words.  2000 more to go today and then I can relax a bit before finishing up tomorrow.  I have to do things tomorrow, so I don't want to be struggling to write more than I have to.

~ Get up on time to go into Uni and go to the Student Office to get a cover sheet; also check my drawer in case there's one in there, but I doubt it, and find out the Creative Writing deadline.
~ Go shopping for frozen food, coke, and bread.  And butter and eggs...
~ Get birthday cards for Clare (Coleman) and my grandmother, and send them both.
~ Re-copy second SB CD for Eni because it doesn't work.
~ Do more work.

Which leaves Friday to finish up, and Saturday to get it bound...
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Photo - leaves

Hair soundtrack review (ish) as promised...

I didn't get 3000 words done as I intended.  Well, I did, but about 2000 of them were just re-writing all the stuff I put in livejournal earlier.  Current word count is 5837, leaving 4163 to do on the texts.  Guh.  Wonder if I'll get away with it.  It was meant to be 40% on fanfiction itself and 60% analysis, and I've got more 40% fanfiction, 20% post-modernism and 40% analysis... but I guess the post-modernism/fanfiction links are sort of analysis.  Right?  Right?

Not looking forward to blagging said analysis, incidentally.  Though I know a few things I can say, and the fics have plenty of notes on 'em; it's just the Voyager novels I don't know what to say on...

Anyway.  Collapse )

Gah. Tired.  I will go to bed before 3am and get up before noon. I will.