April 24th, 2004

Christine - pity


I think a section of my brain may actually have died.

Tonight was insane.  Though, oddly, not as insane as some nights, just... because I was tired to start with, it seemed more insane.  I did get bought a drink (yay, J2O!), and then another, but since I had one I had a quid off the bloke instead.  Gotta love regulars.  Got tormented by John and the other Guiness bloke again, but that's just part of the deal now..  But anyway, there were just random instances where my mind shut off entirely.

Example one: two blokes come in.  I've never seen them before, but that's nothing new.  One orders a bottle of Becks, the other orders "brown ale".  It took me three attempts to figure out he meant Newcastle Brown.  Which is even worse because a) there's nothing else with 'brown' in its name, so I could've guessed and b) the bloke was actually from Newcastle, so a little common sense would have implied that's what he meant.

Example two: more new people, a couple.  Boy orders... oh, I can't even remember.  Probably Carling.  Girl orders vodka and coke. I go through the usual - "ice and lemon?  House or Smirnoff?"  She says yes to ice and lemon, and requests the house stuff.  Since I've run out of lemon in the lounge, I put the ice in, get lemon from the bar (which takes about ten seconds) and by the time I get back, I'm adamant she ordered Malibu.  Luckily, I always double-check.

Also?  It took me 15 minutes to type this because my fingers won't function.

I was going to do more dissertation tonight, but I think the words 'frell that' spring instantly to mind.  I'll try to get up early and finish it before the shops close...

(Incidentally, I'm eating the remainder of the microwavable fried rice I got to have with my curry yesterday, because I have no butter to put on bread.  It reminds me of when I was little and we'd get a curry, and the bloke at our local Chinese restaurant would put in a special portion of egg fried rice for me...)

Ugh.  Sleeeeeeep...
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Change of plan...  Was going to do 1000 words on the longer Buffy-fic, but I've got 600 already and I'm only halfway through commenting on the first chapter (of 8), so, I think, I'll do 2000 on the fic, and 1000 on the Trek novels... my argument there is that, despite saying that the novelisations are basically just published fanfictions, they are, nonetheless, published, and also, one of them is by one of the creators, so it doesn't technically count as a fanfiction.  (And, of course, I still haven't finished Mosaic...)

There's not that much i can really say about them, though.  There are similarities and there are differences, I can just about relate them to the show, but only when I've figured out whem each was written and how that places them, season-wise, and there's comment I can make about Diane Carey in general, but... hm, I'm sure I'll think of a way to link them to post-modernism somehow...

Gah, gah, gah.  I will finish this tonight. I will.
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*brain go boom*

Y'know that feeling when you're climbing a hill, and after, say, an hour or so, you think that the top must surely be coming soon, but when you look up, there's another mile and a half to go and it's only getting steeper?  I'm having that feeling.

I've nearly done the Willow in Wonderland analysis, and much as I would like to finish the entire thing today, I don't think it's going to happen.  I can't get it bound* today (the printshop on Bridge Street was closed when I wandered past at half-three, for some unfathomable reason), and I suspect the Irongate stationers will be shut tomorrow.  So, I shall have to do it on Monday anyway.  Which is fine by me, because it gives me an extra day to read Mosaic...

I'll finish the WiW part, at least.  If I don't finish that, I'll lose the flow completely...

(Update, while I'm here:  WiW section has 1720 words, and my total is 9481.  Oh, yeah.)

I think I'm going to run out of hill. That should be interesting.

*Not 'binded', as the girl I overheard on the bus yesterday seemed to think...
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At random.

Word count after WiW = 9953.

Wonder if I'll get away with doing 47 words on the Trek-ness. ;)

God.  I think I'll definitely have to take some words out...
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*eyes blur*

Well, I finally finished reading Mosaic, though I admit to cheating and ignoring much of the annoying Kazon stuff.  The Kazons have always bored me, for some reason.  Anyway.  1000 words to go.  I should be done by midnight...

Edit, 22.11: With all this writing about fanfic, I wanna write some, gosh darnit. *twitches* Especially since my Broken Record songlist is on my notice board right in front of me, staring me in the face and mocking me with its wanting-to-be-incorporated-ness. Of course, the bit of fanfic I want to write can't be written for another 17 chapters, but, y'know...

*stops diverting attention. gets back to work*
Buffy - sanity


Okay, now that's just plain weird.

Could people do me a favour?  Go to my deadjournal and see if they can see the friends-only banner?  Because it seems to be refusing to load from either teylaminh.com or PhotoBucket.  At first I thought it was maybe a deadjournal thing, but it won't show up in LJ either, but all my other pictures will.  Am I just going completely nuts?
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