April 25th, 2004

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*collapses in an exhausted and overheated heap*

*stares in awe at the Word document in front of her*

I finished my dissertation.


I don't think this is sinking in.

I finished my dissertation.  I finished my dissertation.  I finished my dissertation.  I finished my dissertation.

Did you get that?


Well, I mean, it still needs proof-reading (which I'm going to have to do without printing it off, because, good God, that's a lot of pages, so I'm asking for trouble there...) and printing and binding and probably a complete overhaul, but dude, it's in on Monday, and right now, I'm ready to let my brain dissolve and trickle slowly out of my ears.  Plan for tomorrow is all of the above; scifinutter's driving me to Staples to get it bound.

The stats, in keeping with tradition, and because I know how much you all care. :P

Words: 11289 (oops...)
Pages: 60, which is exactly what I allowed for. ;)  40 of those are the actual dissertation, the other 20 are appendices...
Footnotes: 47.  frightened is still the Grand Mistress of footnoting.  Those footnotes comprise 691 words, but a few of them are random bits of Buffy canon that I didn't want to use my actual word count explaining...
Appendices: 7; two glossaries (fanfiction and post-modernism), the questionnaire, and three fanfictions, one of which is on a floppy disc.

And then, at some point, I have to put the whole thing - appendices and footnotes and all - into HTML format so I can show everyone who wanted to see it.  Though may have to set up a password protect thing on it and make a contract so I don't get plagiarised.  Then you can all read it in all its utter awfulness.

Ye gods, but that was horrendous.  In a sort of vaguely interesting and marginally fun way... But still.  Horrendous.

*dies now*
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I just found a Sunset Boulevard community.  All is right with my world.

(Though, as anticipated, there are hardly any members, which is why I was reluctant to start one myself.  Still semi-considering the Jack/Liz PotC one...)
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It's done!

It's bound!  It has floppies attached to it!  It has been proof-read!

Yt ys done!

(And it's probably got lots of mistakes, but I'm not going to read through it again...)