April 28th, 2004

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I'll get to post this at some point...

Internet's being an arse.  Naturally.  I wish they'd anticipate the fact that at the start of term there are inevitably going to be an entire university's worth of people trying to access the internet...

Anyway.  Got post today: random stuff from home including a post card from Katie from NY, a sock I lost before I came back (yay sock!) and a letter from the bank to inform me about the Chip and Pin system...

The other was a parcel containing Alison's mix tape.  Yay mix tape!  And it reminded me that I completely forgot to post the playlists of the other two.  So.

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So, that's it.  Many thanks to Alison.  I'm only up to Way Over Yonder and thoroughly enjoying it so far.  This'll last me a few weeks going to and from work, so hurrah.

Keep them coming, people!  Incidentally, this challenge is open to people who live overseas, too, not just those I know in person.  If you want to send me anything, email me (this username-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) and I'll send you my address.  I'm not paranoid because I'm only living here for, like, two more months anyway, so if you want to stalk me, you'll end up stalking someone else.

I reiterate - SEND ME A MIX-TAPE!!  I'll listen to pretty much anything but rap and really, really annoying pop (and if anyone sends me Avril Lavigne, Britney or Steps, they're going to live to regret it...) so the choice beyond that is entirely up to you.  Send me music!  Feeeeed me!


That being over with, here's the CD I'm about to make for Katie.

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Photo - leaves

Katie's CD.

'Tis done.  Though, in the process, Photoshop closed itself (luckily, what I lost was redeemable) and I had to print it on the best quality to get rid of the annoying streakiness it has recently developed... And I managed to miss Frasier again.  Anyway, final playlist and front cover are under the cut.

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Voila.  Going to do a letter to explain it tomorrow.  And bah to missing Frasier.  Words are going to be said, Channel Four.

Gah, I was going to do more of my screenplay tonight...  Ah, well, I'll show him what I've already done and say I haven't printed it off yet...