May 3rd, 2004

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So, I managed to get the first act of Sunset Boulevard before going out, plus about two minuts of Act Two, which leads me to believe there was an interval.  Would have reviewed at the time, but the computer wasn't on.  So, here's something of a review, while I re-listen and make comments.  This will, of course, make no sense if you're not listening a) to the same thing I am and b) in the same way I am.

Before I begin, though: I had my apprehensions and nearly didn't bother trying to tape it because of the hassle involved (it's hassle enough trying to switch tapes without the added bonus of not actually being there to turn them over, hence why I just tried to get what I could with a 90 minute tape.)  With any luck Naomi's managed to fenangle something either with her computer or taping me the second half.  Then I thought, 'Dude, it's got Michael Ball in it', which is reason enough, plus, I've only ever heard Petula 'Award Winning Performance' Clarke singing "As If We Never Said Goodbye" and was quite intrigued as to her portrayal.  Nobody - and I mean nobody - will ever top Faith and Jeremy in my book, just because... well, because.  I've given enough reasons to justify that as an answer.  So.  Here we go.  I shall doubtless not get to bed now til at least 2am, which is somewhat annoying as I want to get up reasonably early to achieve all the things I was meant to have achieved already, and I probably won't get to post this for, oh, another three days, as the network is still playing silly buggers.

Anyway, without further ado: Collapse )

Right.  Shambolic, for which I apologise, but you were warned.  Want Act Two.  Wonder if I could write to them and ask if they have plans to repeat it...

It's not a patch on the tour.  I'm biased and I admit it.  The tour = satiated Nautica.  The tour = much fic.  The tour = Jeremy + Faith + chemistry + beautiful people + wondrous casting.  The tour = perfection itself.  And Sunset = definitely not good for my health, but we already knew this...  Actually, going back to that 'beautiful people' comment, that's probably part of it I never even considered before.  We all know I think Jeremy's gorgeous (heh, yes, that's how it all started, remember?) but, wow, Faith was just beautiful...  in, like, a really terrifying way.  Those eyes, dude.  And her entire stature and presence just... beautiful and dangerous and rather frighteningly sensual, as even Lloyd Webber noticed, and it worked.  I may follow the other 'ships, but nothing's going to convert me from Joe and Norma, ever.

I... forgot the point I was going to make somewhere in there, but it had something to do with shippiness and was probably pointless anyway. :)  I shall stop now.

Hurrah.  Sunset-nostalgia.
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Wishing a


to the splendiferous and wonderful Sunset Boulevard-recording large-mass-of-hair owning


from me and Mr. Sparrow here.

Good Christ, she's an adult.  How's that for terrifying?

(Also, a VERY HAPPY 21st to Eve, even though I still can't remember if it's today or tomorrow, but it's there, anyway. Naomi and Eve, your present and card respectively are going to be late, Naomi's more so than Eve's. Sorry.)
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