May 4th, 2004

Photo - leaves


My body hates me.  Seriously.  It knows when I'm planning on going out and getting drunk for someone's birthday, and then it comes down with a cold so I have to take lots of medication and therefore cannot drink.  So, as a result, I went to Naomi's 18th AA meeting birthday get-together having had a cold tablet, drank two J20s, a Red Square and a vodka-and-lemonade that didn't taste of lemonade because their syrup was obviously gone, or the pump was frelled, or something, and ended up feeling about as drunk as usual, but with the added bonus of being alert enough to realise as such.

Anyway, other than that it was quite enjoyable.  I managed to get a birthday card at the station, having forgotten that it was a bank holiday and all the shops would be closed.  I suck.

There was one amusing incident that involved me and Sarra having to hide behind a wall, but, um, that speaks for itself...

Went back to Naomi's after, where we ate pasta.  Lots of it.  Never let her cook when she's drunk.  And she made random drunken phonecalls and things, and then we tried to sleep, but she likes sleeping in a fridge, and I... just couldn't breathe through my nose, and was convinced for a good half hour that I'd actually come down with pneumonia from the amount of time we spent outside at the pub, since I couldn't stop shivering.  But I did manage to get about three hours sleep, anyway, and then got up at 8.30ish.  We wandered to the station so she could collect Dee, so I got a train to Brum and came straight back.

And now I'm going to sleep, because my body's going "no more thinking.  I die now."