May 21st, 2004

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness


Why, all of a sudden, is Marius/Eponine, like, the uber-shippy?


I'm going to blame Michael Ball. Probably easier... ;)
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Strange and amalgamous dreams

So, livejournal informs me it's krispen's birthday, so


to her. :)  Also a belated one to Katie, but I email/texted hers already...

Now for the dream.  You know when you just have lots of unrelated bits of dreams that somehow seem to make sense when they go together, but then don't in the slightest when you think about them later?  Yeah, it was one of those...  Also, I would like to stress that parts of this are in no way an indication of my conscious mental state. :)

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Nothing much else to say...  Now I should probably make Vicky's CD...
Photo - leaves

CD, once more

Vicky's CD now done and in her possession with an explanatory letter...

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Unfortunately, I had to print it in black and white because my printer's run out of blue ink (which I'd forgotten until right before I went to print it...) so it somewhat loses the effect.  Ah, well.