May 23rd, 2004

Photo - leaves

Trains, buses and Evanescence

You'd think, it being a Saturday yesterday, that British Rail would kindly refrain from doing engineering work between Derby and Birmingham.  That'd be clever, but probably crediting them with far too much logic.  So.  Train was diverted to Leicester (or, alternately, became a bus that stopped at Burton and Tamworth) and took an hour and a half, so I got to Birmingham at a fairly reasonable 4.20pm.  I left the flat at 2.00, incidentally.

But then, because bad things follow on from other bad things when you're in a hurry, I managed to do the unthinkable - I got - wait for it - onto the wrong bus.  In my defence, an 'E' looks remarkably like a '6' when it's in pixels and you can only see the left hand edge of it.  So I got halfway to Acock's Green on the 12E, panicked, got off, went into "bus stop on the other side of the road" radar mode, and got a 31 back into town.  I finally got home at 5.30, got changed and made up, and we ran out to get to the NEC.

Evanescence. Dude.  I mean, really.  DUDE.  Glitterati, the first support act, were okay: not spectacular, not appalling, just mediocre.  Seether, the second support/guest, were rather good (and gave Amy Lee a chance to warm up both herself and the crowd) and I may have to buy the album...

As for Evanescence?  So frelling cool.  It was basically the entire of Fallen plus one extra, with lots and lots of screaming for "Tourniquet", "Going Under", "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal" (especially so for that one because it was Amy on piano at the start).  There was also a particularly haunting vocal intro to one of the songs, but now I don't remember which it was...

Her skirt, incidentally, was to die for (and knee-high docs!), and I want her hair, like, now.

I was deaf in both ears, and I was going to be a Greebo and buy a hoodie, but they were £40.00.  Also a very odd range of people in attendance, in terms of age and fashion.  I think their evil plan is to take over the world...  And the evening was finished off by having a very nice curry, so yay for that.

Next time I'm getting in early enough to stand...