May 25th, 2004

Christine - pity

Woo, appropriate icon, for once...

In reading through old reviews (yay procrastination...) I realised that I haven't updated "Sweet Intoxication" in, like, nearly a year.  Which is awful, considering I left it on the most evil of evil cliffhangers...  (But then, I never finished the FFD saga either...)

Anyway, I was reminded why I love Phantom reviewers when I came across this one:

"I lurve you. Like tons. Why you ask? Purple, because ice cream has no bones. And if you don't mind... y'know the door Erik got rid of? Well, I was just kinda wonderin', y'know... if he isn't using it... can I- have it? Please? ... Um, Yeah... I love this story. I started reading it ages ago and finally stumbled upon it again. Wonderful!"

Hee.  Mad people.

Incidentally, it turns out that for the upcoming Phantom movie, there is, in fact, going to be an original song written (why, dammit?!?!) but at least it's by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Hal Prince, so with any luck it won't be too horrendous...