May 28th, 2004

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Ah, flamers, how do we love thee?

I guess it's a good job I'm in a reasonably good mood, so I found the latest incoherent and snarky review amusing more than aggravating.  It even fulfills all the criteria:

1. Anonymous, in terms (a person who calls themself 'Buffy Fan'.  Gee, there's original...) and with no email address, check.
2. It was good enough to caution me as to the 'bad language' used and the fact that it was a bad review.  How nice.
3. Picked up on all the bad points, check.  Didn't read carefully enough as to understand that I wasn't actually saying, for example, that Buffy saw Spike die.  What I said was that she was there before he did, and the point that Xander was trying to make was that he wasn't there before Anya died, when it mattered, which Buffy was.  Character-bashing (completely irrelevant to the fic, in fact), check.  I mean, yes, by all means, you have every right to be anti-Joyce.  But she's not even in the fic.  At all.  (Yet...)
4.  Well done you, you picked up that "IT'S NOT DIFFERENT!!!!!!" (capitals not mine, exclamation points probably an over-exaggeration...) - well, duh.  What part of "It's a big cliché!" didn't you understand?  I know it's not different.  That's the whole point...
5. Character defence to the death, check.  So you like Kennedy.  So I don't.  Deal.

I'm getting better at this, I think.  Less homicidally enraged, at the very least.

I'm beginning to think I might have a stalker. Maybe it's the girl I reported. :D  If whoever it is continues to attack me, however, I may have no choice but to just disable anonymous reviews.  The majority of reviewers are users anyway.  I won't do that unless I have to, though, because then I'll get someone saying "If you let ppl leave anonymoss reviews you'll get more reviews!" your one-stop site for pointless drama...

(That should be their new slogan...)

Edit, a few seconds later: Upon re-reading, it's even more amusing... Looks like they maybe paid more attention than I thought. Collapse )

Here endeth the rant. Pity I can't track the IP address or something. Maybe I should take it as a compliment that someone thinks I'm important enough to waste their time flaming. ;)