June 1st, 2004

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Derren Brown Seance programme

(But first: http://quiz.ravenblack.net/blood.pl?biter=minh - join the bloodsucking fun.  You know you want to. :D)

Anyway.  The Derren Brown thing, if anyone didn't know, was just on Channel Four.  It was advertised as an actual seance (presumably live otherwise it wouldn't work) done in the names of science, Mr. Brown being a psychologist.  In all honesty, I had my doubts about it working at all, since the entire point of a seance is a) to do one in a place that actually has spirit activity and b) to keep the energy flowing around the circle, so, therefore, how can a seance work with detatched audience members?  So, I sat down to watch it (random little powercuts notwithstanding; I swear they knew and did it to terrify gullible students...) out of curiosity, and because, no matter what, it was bound to be at least vaguely entertaining.

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Whoa, that ended up long.  Sorry...
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More icon fun.

At least this time I'm not procrastinating-by-icon...

(Currently linked from my webspace because LJ's being an arse with my userpics at the moment... I'll be using this one myself, but feel free to steal it if you so desire...)

Spam, spam, spam...

(P.S.: I mean no offence by the icon.  I realise it's probably the best footage they've ever caught, but... I just had to. :D)
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Well, I can honestly say that I am damn proud of that webpage...

Feedback would be very, very much appreciated, even though it's not all there yet.  I'm about to start HTMLing the stories themselves (oh, joy; I hate that part) but while I'm doing that, feel free to have a look, won't you?  I know I keep bugging people, but I need feedback, damn you!!

Go to my links page, click on the 'What' link, then on 'Fiction', and a new window should open up.  The 'Prose' link works, the others are currently still empty, and I'm just about to make a start on the stories, as I said.  Nevertheless, opinions?

*remembers to actually upload the damned thing before she posts this entry*

Image-heavy, but after it's loaded there shouldn't be a problem. Also works (as far as I know) in 800x600 res monitors, though may be completely tiny on anything higher than 1024x786...
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*mutters about disorganisation*

Okay.  So, on the Shakespeare Today reactions page (basically coursework updates, etc.) Mary informed us that the end-of-year meetingness for the students and lecturers was taking place on the 1st June (that is, today) at 6pm in Revolution.

However, last Wednesday, we all decided that must be wrong, because there's an exam on the 2nd, and they wouldn't want us going into our exam hungover, would they?  Well, I went today anyway, just in case, having double-checked that Mary had, in fact, said it was on the 1st.  I turned up at 6.30 or thereabouts, and there was nobody there who was familiar.  I ordered a half of cider so as not to look like the sad woman in the corner.  (Well, that failed, but anyway, the thought was there...)

I did spy Mary just before I was about to leave, presumably meeting up for some other course, media studies, or something.  Hm.  Clearly, she just got confused.

Nevertheless, it's very annoying.  I got made up and everything.  And dressed accordingly for the rainy weather, so tomorrow it'll be hot and I'll have to decide all over again.

And now I shall go back to being the sad woman in the corner, and watch Eastenders...