June 6th, 2004

Erik - blank

Jesus Christ...

Have reverted back to my old Phantom layout for a while.

Ye gods. It should not take this long to reinstate a layout I've already used.  Except, for starters, the overrides and colours I'd saved back seem to have vanished without a trace from my computer, so I had to start from scratch, which means the colours aren't the same as before, which is annoying me.

Secondly, livejournal is being a royal pain in the arse, so editing the style again took frelling hours with restarting/resending/re-pasting.  It took me far too long to get the damned links central, and now they're refusing to cooperate anyway.  The frelling userpics thing is still messing about, so God only knows when they'll show up.  It took me fifteen minutes to upload three icons.

And then the overrides wouldn't work, despite the fact that they were using exactly the same overrides as before but with the relevant information changed for the comment links/margins.


Livejournal hates me. It's official.

On the plus side, yesterday was spent achieving 130 comments, yo!  I wouldn't advise reading it.  It's somewhat without point.