June 8th, 2004

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Some random lyricness...

Listened to Whistle Down the Wind for no particular reason that I felt like listening to "Tyre Tracks", and felt the urge to post some lyrics...

Collapse )

Which then leads into:

Collapse )

I love that song...  Here's some random dialogue that I'd never noticed before: Collapse )

All right, all right, sappy.  I'm not entirely sure who I really 'ship for in this, probably Swallow/The Man rather than Swallow/Amos, but that's quite sweet, really...  Anyway, that all leads right into Collapse )

Then it's sort of the same thing, with this as one of the other verses from the Man: "If you listen in the night/You can hear your plans fall through/One more fight you'll never win/One more dream that won't come true."  And then there's this short bit from Candy, Collapse )

I love re-discovering lyrics. :)

This was pointless.  Sorry.  I promise to start making more constructive entries, if the heat dies down enough for my brain to function beyond "ooo, pretty"...
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In searching randomly on a whim, I discover that I am no longer the only person on the entire of fanfic.net to have written a Sunset story.  There's another one!  And it's not by someone I actually know!

(Though I do believe the person reviewed mine at some point)


We are slowly growing as a fandom.  I am pleased.  Though I remain the world's first fanfiction writer for it, I believe.

Fic!! FIC!! FIC!!!!!

Everyone go review it and ask for more, right this instant!!!
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(no subject)

I wrote a post, at 5.45 this morning, because it was far too hot to sleep, and my brain was going into overdrive.  It was four and a half sides of A4 long, and I'm now considering not inflicting it on anyone.  It was basically a lot of ramblings about family... Maybe one day I'll post it.

That's all I had to say, really.  Now I have a photo gallery to make a start on that I've been putting off for far too long...