June 13th, 2004

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This weekend.

So.  Naomi came up to visit this weekend, mainly so I could see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and also so we could take some pictures before I leave Derby forever...  Some of those pictures have just been posted on urban_decay and deathly_decayed, and there are more coming tomorrow...)

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After that, we went back and had some food (experimenting with pork and breadcrumbs with marginal success) and I made biscuits, which we covered in glacé icing and decorated with silly pictures before cutting them up...

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After that we attempted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, but the DVD player refused to play it and the computer was being an arse, so we got about as far as Jack and Will procuring the Dauntless before it froze up completely and I got annoyed with it, so we watched the bloopers and the deleted scenes instead.  Want sequel now.  Want sequel to have lots of Jack/Liz. :(

Then we watched Priscilla because angsty drag queens are almost as entertaining as insane pirates, and ended the night with Labyrinth.

This morning, up at 8am, so we could go and take pictures.  Ouch.  After I'd walked Naomi to the station I wandered to HMV and spent too much money...

Evanescence -  Everybody's Fool single, £2.99
Cabaret movie soundtrack, £10.99
Jonathan Creek series 1 and 2 DVD set for £39.99 (ouch, but worth it... Now I can tape over the old episodes...)
Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow door poster for a ridiculously expensive £5.99.  Purely because there were an insanely stupid amount of Orlando Bloom posters, so I was making a point. :P  (It's a very very pretty Jack Sparrow poster.  With any luck it'll fit on my wardrobe at home... :D)

So, yeah.  In the world of perfect timing, it is now time for 'Stenders.  Hurrah.
Photo - leaves

I caved...

Remember absolutely ages ago I mentioned creating a PotC community?

Well, potc_jack_liz is now going live.  Though at the moment it doesn't look very pretty.  Also, the S2 style system is the most annoying thing ever.  Gimme S1 and it's crappy overrides any day...