June 15th, 2004

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Bloody 'ell...

See, this is why I shouldn't re-read all my old fic at ridiculous hours of the morning.

Voyager, this time.  After randomly reading some on fanfic.net for a change of pace (and because none of the good Spuffy fics've been updated in aeons) I thought I'd go through my own and see how horrible it was, and found it wasn't as horrible as I thought.  I mean, it's not exactly great literature, but the characterisation's not too bad, considering.  Anyway, on my site I've also got a couple of bits of Katie's hosted, too, because they fit into our 'season 8' and some of them link to pieces of my own.  There are three pieces that attempted to 'fix' the finale for Janeway/Chakotay and the Doctor/Seven of Nine, with Admiral Janeway basically giving random advice to Chakotay and Seven to make them reconsider.

Look, the Chakotay/Seven pairing was Wrong, Bad and Heinous, and at that point we'd try anything to remain sane.  You have no idea how much I had to scrub my brain after that one. :P

So, anyway, Katie was (and probably still is) one of the very few Janeway/Q shippers.  I could never see it, mainly because I was adamantly J/C-orientated and really only considered the J/Q dynamic as one of aggravation and an unrequited crush (though I must say, he's nothing if not persistent...)  She spent many an hour trying to convince me of the J/Q thing being more than that, and I was having none of it.

And now, suddenly, reading her little J/Q interlude for the "Endgame" fix, I realised what she was getting at.  As a shipper, my views have matured so much over the years, through the various pairings I've followed - John/Aeryn, Spuffy, Norma/Joe; they've all been defining and mind-expanding.  So, even though J/Q would certainly take some getting used to, at least I can say that I finally understand where she was coming from...
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Well, Yahoo! Messenger won't connect in the slightest.  And Yahoo! Mail wouldn't let me in at first, so I had to go in through the back door.  But to counter all of that, they've upgraded their mail service so there's a 100MB inbox limit and up to 10MB of attachments allowed, and considering that it's my main mail client, this is a Very Good Thing.


Edit: Of course, if it ever lets me check the rest of them...
Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

Mood theme mini-update.

I have solved the problem of 'guilty' since I just couldn't decide.  Voila:

Explanation:  It's Jeremy Finch, from the programme of Little Shop of Horrors, from one of the rehearsal photos.  So it's sort of Joe, but not, and really, I do think I should have at least one Jeremy-icon... :)  And also, my general mental state is strong enough to cope if I do, so hurrah.

Wow, nostalgia, dude...
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Message to Britain-located friend-type personages:

We have, at home, 3 Anchor Spreadable Alton Towers discount ticket thingies that allow £7.00 off the entry fee (or possibly £5.00, but in any case, it takes the price down quite a bit) - that's one for me, one for my mother and one - count it! - one for someone else.

Who wants to come to Alton Towers, soonish, mid-week, with us?

Must be willing to go on roller-coasters and walk fairly fast between rides.

Replies on a postcard below, please...