June 18th, 2004

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My future employer, ladies and gentlemen.

I was just re-reading Katie's last letter to me, mainly because she included Voyagerfic that I felt like reading again now I'm suddenly readdicted to the damn stuff, and I present, for your reading pleasure, some quotes from that letter.

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This post brought to you by the girl who has nearly finished packing everything, and wonders if this will really be her last full day in the wonderful city of Derby.  I should probably do an official 'final' post tonight...
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Photo - leaves


This is more a message for herringprincess than anyone else. potc_jack_liz is no more, because I just found _peasinapod_ instead and have joined that one, as it seems rather pointless having two communities dedicated to the same obscure pairing... Though I'm really quite annoyed that, even after trawling the list of communities interested in 'pirates of the caribbean', it didn't come up...

Right, well, I'm off to introduce myself.