June 23rd, 2004

Photo - leaves

Update on general things...

Well, I'm back.  Huzzah for that.  I've nearly sorted all my stuff out, just got some general debris to shift back up to my room, which then needs re-tidying (although I've been trying to do that as I go along and been marginally successful) and some bits for the bathroom.

I really wish people would let me screw my life up on my own...  I can't do three things at once.  It's either tidy up the stuff from the hall, phone the job centre people about job seekers' allowance, or go into town to find a job.  If I don't do any of these things, I'm going to get screamed at, so, y'know, which am I supposed to do?


Other than that, nothing to report, other than the fact that Most Haunted brought their three-night live investigation to various places in Derby the exact weekend I happened to leave.  Grr.  That being said, it was quite interesting, and Derek's possession by 'Charlie' Stanhope only added fuel to my Derek/Yvette shipping vibes.  Talking of which, I extended the plot for my Come Forward idea... Everything as it was before under the cut, plus new bits...

Collapse )

So, it has a plot, it has inspiration, and I have pretty much all the time in the world to finish it.  All that's left to do is start it.  I also had this little idea for it earlier where Yvelyn receives birthday gifts prior to a shoot - earrings from Mark and flowers from Alec, and is later seen wearing not the earrings, but one of the flowers... possibly.  I was really, really trying not to portray Mark as the bad guy, but it seems to have ended up that way.  No matter how adorable Derek and Yvette are (in RL, I mean), she and Karl are also too lovely for words...

Guh.  Damn you, canon-based series.