July 1st, 2004

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It's National Take-A-Short-Lesbian-To-A-Theme-Park Day!

Yes, indeed it is.  At least, it is where Lorna and I are concerned.  I took a short lesbian to Alton Towers, she took one to Drayton Manor.  But before that:

Wednesday was spent job hunting. Or, at least, the hour or so before meeting Clare, etc. was spent wandering aimlessly around the top end of New Street looking in windows.  I picked up an application form for Coffee Republic , then attempted to find Blue Arrow (they're more catering-services based, see) and ended up at the Briar, so asked if they were hiring.  Turns out they are, so I got an application form from there, too.  Except it took about 15 minutes to print it off, so I had to cut the searching short at that point and remember how the heck to get to the other Coffee Republic.

They serve Coke in Glass Bottles.  It's very exciting.  Most of the time pre-Clare-meeting was spent trying (and failing) to defend not only my MH-obsession, but the fact that I ship it chronically.  I tried not to, I really did.  Besides, I'm not the only one, and if anything this lot are making me bloody worse... :P

Anyway, so, I dragged Naomi back to mine after that (it was easier than picking her up at her own house this morning, basically) where we... watched lots of Red Dwarf (beginning of series one, at random, plus the episodes that happened to be on at 11.00), Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (which is so nice to watch now my moviegeek has been released.  Harvey reference!  Yay!) and I forced her to watch MH on Ftn.  I tried defending that, but, typically, it wasn't the best example ever...  Ironically enough, the one tonight was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. ;)

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Alton Towers was pretty much as before, but with less rides; the queue for Air was ridiculously long, so we didn't bother, and ended up queueing for over an hour for Spinball Whizzer.  We also discussed plans for the Coaster of Doom, known simply as "Uber" (with an umlaut, obviously).  It'll be face-down like Air, with a vertical drop (possibly free-falling backwards, somehow) and an external loop like on Nemesis.  Nobody would ever go on it, but it would certainly look impressive. ;)

Ripsaw was possibly the most amusing moment.  I ended up on the front row and came off it bone dry; Naomi was on the back in the seat behind mine, and came off completely soaked. :D

Right, I'm exhausted, so I shall probably... write a little more of my post-Come Forward thing (I finally decided how it's going to end) and go to sleep.  Sleeeeeeep...