July 4th, 2004

Photo - leaves

New for old, or something like that.

So, today I went into Birmingham to give in my application form for the Briar.  I didn't bother filling out the Coffee Republic one because it's really stupid, and I don't think I want to work there.  Dude, Katie's giving me a job as a coffee waitress on no experience and no stupid bloody 'team player' application form. :P

After that I went in hunt of Most Haunted DVDs.  I only have the first one, and to my knowledge there are at least three others I should have.  Woolworths is generally advertised as being The Place That Sells Them (the second series one, in fact, was premiered at the Woolies in Birmingham, with Derek and Yvette both doing signings, and I missed it...) so I went to Woolworths.

Woolworths sucks.

So I went to HMV, which has the Sale of Doom on at the moment and barely any new releases.

HMV sucks, too.  As does Asda, as I discovered later. Though, on the plus side, Asda were selling the Harry Potter novels for £3.74 each, so I now have the first four. Yay, reading. So much for the waiting-til-she-finished-all-of-them plan. :)

Here's the other thing: I need new trainers.  Or, rather, I need stupid high-wedge-heeled trainers the likes of which I can get from Shelley's (or Shuh, if I want to pay in excess of about £60, which I don't, really...) but to do that, I need to brave the Bull Ring.  Which... no.  Just no.  It's big and evil and made of glass and if I go in there alone it'll eat me...

So I kinda gave up on that and came home.  I'd somehow managed to completely forget it was Saturday, especially since the top end of New Street was relatively quiet (guess why?  Everyone's at the Bull Ring.  Bloody sheep...) and the sooner I could get home, the better...

Other than that, an uneventful day.  I uninstalled the painfully slow AOL 9.0 and put AOL 7.0 back on my computer, which installed in a matter of seconds and means my computer is no longer horrendously and damnably slow.  Hurrah.  It does, however, have a rather annoying tendency to disconnect when I use IE and not the AOL browser, and the only redeeming factor of AOL 9.0 in that regard was the auto-reconnect feature.  Ah, well.  I'll just have to live with it.

Ho-hum, going to my father's tomorrow.  With any luck I'll get the post-Come Forward story finished at least on paper in the midst of watching Eastenders and trying not to kill him...