July 7th, 2004

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Money makes the world go around...

Well, my interview at the job centre was... tedious.  I still don't know if I get any money because they didn't give me the appropriate student loan-related form, and I didn't have my evidence of said loan with me so will probably have to take that in at some point.  On the plus side, she pulled up three (of many) bar jobs locally whom I shall phone tomorrow...

After that it was a trip into Brum to see Shrek 2 - it's utterly fantastic.  Even better than the first one.  Most of the gags are probably lost on the kids, though, and you need to be a bit of a Disney geek to get a lot of them (like the fact that the mermaid you see for about fifteen seconds is actually Ariel...)  The cast is wonderful, even Antonio Banderas, which I never thought I'd end up saying.  It's amazing how likeable he is when he's not taking himself seriously (and when I can't see his face...)  I won't say more for fear of spoilers, except that's it's death-by-pop-culture in a wonderful way, and everyone has to see it. :D

Before that, though, time was spent shopping.  I was in search of trainers and failed, but we wandered around the new Indoor Market, and I bought Cheap Stuff:

Collapse )

Both bought for a very silly £1.99 each.  Gotta love the market.  I resolve to shop there more often.

Except, really, I should resolve not to spend any money whatsoever until I actually can, because in the aforesaid hunt for trainers, we wandered into Oasis, which meant the obligatory wandering-and-staring in Anna Bee, and I ended up buying a hideously impractical but rather fabulous coat...

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It's laced!  And purple!  And it has sleeeeves!  And I feel very much like Lestat in it, and I will never get a chance to wear it, so, oi, you lot, let's get gothed up at random!!

Also a skirt for £6.00 in Primark, but there's no photo of that because it was downstairs at the time.

Nothing else to report.  Or, there might be, but my head aches and I need sleep now...
Buffy - sanity

The Reading Project of Doom, and other adventures.

Well, today I nearly got up early, but had a headache and ended up staying in bed until 11.22, which is when my mother got back from taking the car to Bearwood to be looked at.  During her absence (about an hour or thereabouts), I had a rather odd and poignant dream.  The only bit I really remember properly was that there was quite a large group of us (including, at one point, Pauline Fowler from 'Stenders...) and I was concerned that I'd left one of my (apparently many) bags behind, but Pauline had it.  And we were all wandering around a village on some kind of guided tour.  At one point we crossed over a stream using a little dark-stone bridge, and there was a fountain that didn't work properly.  Then we got to a house that looked exactly like my grandmother's old house, the one I pretty much spent half of my childhood in, right down to the garden and the shed that used to be at the bottom before they rebuilt it.

Inside the house, there were all the people that would have been there prior to the move - my grandmother and my uncle, I think, or someone that was meant to be him.  It was apparently some kind of other dimension or universe where things were the same, only different.  And the only bit I do remember clearly was going upstairs to where she had the extension built (half office, half bedroom) and her room was all arranged differently.  The office was different too, I think.  There were lots of photos on the walls, and some of them moved a la Harry Potter... one of them was an old 'shot' of me and my mother when I was... seven.  Pre-having to wear glasses.  I don't recall exactly what happened in it, but I was laughing and apologising and it was very strange, and when I woke up, I wasn't entirely sure if it was a real memory or not, because it was so vivid...

Other than that, in the office section, there were lots of photographs of my grandfather. And suddenly I got really emotional about them, crying my heart out and saying "I forgot what he looked like," and someone asked if he died when I was young, and I said, "No, I was sixteen, but I barely got to know him," and I just kept on repeating it, "I didn't get to know him."  And then the person that represented my grandmother picked up a telephone, and asked if I'd like to talk to him.  I said, "Don't do that, he's not here any more," and she told me that in this particular dimension, we could talk to those who had passed away.

I remember that I took the receiver, but then I woke up, so I didn't get to actually speak to him...  I didn't feel sad when I woke up, just... I don't know, it was odd.  Though the talking-to-the-dead-on-the-phone was really quite strange, because today I unearthed a bag of stuff from Christmas, including Robert Rankin's The Fandom of the Operator, that Lorna got me, which deals with that very subject...

Anyway.  I took some paracetemol and got rid of the headache, and today was spent trying to tidy my room again (I need more storage.  I also need more space in which to put said storage), including unearthing of aforesaid book.  At about 6.00 we walked down to Bearwood again to collect the car, taking note of the interesting and diverse houses along the way.  There's one to let right next to the water tower and opposite Warley Woods.  Probably hideously expensive, though, otherwise it'd've been snapped up already...

Talking of which - Naomi!  Bearwood photos!  Also, I'm holding your goldfish umbrella hostage until you finish my docs. :P

I've been playing Pandora's Box again recently, which is both enlightening and horrendously depressing.  All those places I'll never see.  The same was true on Sunday.  I was looking in the atlas (well, originally, I was leaning on it because my father doesn't own a table big enough to put a pad on, or at least, not one that I can see the television from...) to find out whereabouts Katie was, and it suddenly struck me that a) America is really frelling big (I mean, yeah, I knew that, but... wow, it really is) and b) if I want to see all of it, starting on the outside and spiralling in, after I've visited random people I already know, I think I may die before I get halfway...  If, one day, there is a report of some random ninety-year-old madwoman driving around America in a Cadillac terrorising the locals, it's probably me...

Anyway, I also phoned two of the places I have application forms for, one of which was engaged, and the other of which told me to go and get an application form.  Bah.  So that's tomorrow's task.  I've also made a doctor's appointment, and seriously, someone needs to rethink the entire registering-at-uni-and-having-to-register-again-when-you-get-home system.  Everything's on computers.  Computers can be connected to the Big Scary Internet. There's no reason for it to be this horrendously complicated...

Also?  When I am world leader, my first priority is funding scientific research so that I can wipe out every species of moth.  Seriously.  The bastard in my room last night was about an inch long and sitting on my bed.  So obviously, I ran and got my mother to kill it.  I would not survive living on my own, seriously.  I'd end up confined in a dark room as the house slowly filled with insects, then get paranoid they were in there with me, then freeze on the threshold of the room unable to do anything because there was a moth sitting on the wall or something.  Gah.

Right, as to the subject, now I'm not forced to read anything, I can read whatever I like, which is quite nice.  I feel like I've not read properly for ages, from over-reading of fanfiction and all the various randomness for uni, some of which I enjoyed, some of which I really didn't.  Being a lit student has killed my bookgeek.  So, my Reading Project of Doom:

~ Red Dragon
~ Silence of the Lambs
~Hannibal(all by Thomas Harris.  We got a new copy of Red Dragon the other day (a neighbour borrowed our first one and we've not seen it since) and I've been meaning to read them for a while.)
~ The Fandom of the Operator, as already mentioned.
~ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
~ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabhan
~ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (thank you, Asda.  That should keep me going for a while...
~ The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins (preferably before October 15th, when we're seeing the show... it will, of course, bear no resemblance to the book whatsoever, but it's got Michael Crawford and it's bound to be very pretty...)
~ finish Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman
~ Close-up on Sunset Boulevard by Sam Staggs (I've been meaning to read this for ages...)
~ Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
~ Phantom by Susan Kay (because it's been far too long...)
~ All the Discworlds, because I ought to.
~ The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, so I can watch the films and see what all the fuss is about...
~ Beauty by Susan Wilson (it's a modern take on Beauty and the Beast, of which a horrible movie was made in the mid-nineties that destroyed the lovely angst ending.  I've been telling Jenny about it and haven't read it for a while...)
~ Interview with the Vampire
~ The Vampire Lestat
~ Queen of the Damned (for the third damn time)
~ The Vampire Armand
~ Memnoch the Devil (all Anne Rice.  I've read the first two, attempted to read the third twice and failed both times, bought the fourth and never read it, and I think we have the fifth one somewhere.  Incidentally, I caught the last hour of QotD the other day, and my God, but that's a bad movie.  Claudia Black really was the best thing in it.  And she only has three lines, one of which is "Aargh!".  She makes a very very good vamp, I have to admit.  But then, we all remember goth!Aeryn in "The Choice", and honestly, I don't think she's ever looked prettier than when she was mopey and suicidal and sleep-deprived...)
~ Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
~ Pretty much all I can find by Dickens in the house, particularly Oliver Twist.
~ Probably a few others...

Heh.  I think that'll keep me going at least a year or so.  Will keep people updated, obviously.

Of course, aside from this, I have my Re-Watching Project of Doom, too, which includes all of Red Dwarf, The X-Files (season 5 showing on FX289!  Dude!  I'd forgotten how wonderful it was!!), Farscape, Buffy (not difficult with endless repeats), Angel season 5 at last, and all the random films I'd forgotten I owned, bought and home-taped alike...  Someone want to pay me to read and watch stuff?