July 9th, 2004

Photo - leaves


So, I go to play the mix tape, finally, and discover the cassette player in my stereo has packed up.  Well, it still rewinds and stuff, but it's playing about a third too slowly and everything's warbly.  Ah, well, I've got some speakers somewhere I can hook up to the walkman.

Nothing else to report, except that I have lots to listen to and watch, and I have the weekend (and hence, the modem) to myself, because my mother's gone up (? right?) to Cardiff to visit someone.  So, anyway, I have to listen to pandorasblog's mix tape (doing so now and liking; playlist coming momentarily), the Rocky Horror Punk album and the soundtrack to Shock Treatment (yay!) that Katie sent, as well as that Seether album...  Oh, and I have MH season 3 volume one to sit through. Beware the MHOTP...

Anyhoo, that mix tape:

Collapse )

So, thank you muchly for that.  And, once more, I leave the challenge open, because I've added lots of people to my friendslist since the last request - send me a mix-tape!  Anything you like!  Just send it!  Now!  Do it!  (I'm hoping if I repeat this enough times I'll get every single person on my list to do it, if only to shut me up... :P)

Right, now I have a MHgeek post to do, because, the original pilot episode?  Coolest. Thing.  Ever.

Edit 22.07: Re: Avril Lavigne - I will grudgingly admit this is the song of hers I remember actually liking...
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