July 13th, 2004

Christine - pity

Bleh. Mood swings.

Having wound down from the MH caption insanity (and my inspiration on that's completely dried up, so no more captioning from me for a while...) rumours are rife that series five will be the last one, which makes me sad.  They can't end the series!  They're not allowed to!  They have fangirls to please, dammit!  But, on the plus side, one of the upcoming investigations is in Swindon, which is where Vicky lives, and if I can find out exactly when they're visiting, I think I may be due a stalkage...

I have made pandorasblog's CD and it'll be in the post tomorrow.  I hope she enjoys it. :)

My mother has become an Anne Summers party host to get spare cash.  Which should hopefully equate eventually to free, or at least discounted, cosetry.  Hurrah.  The lady who came to enrol her is completely nuts. :)

None of the pubs I've applied to have gotten back to me, the bastards.  So tomorrow I'll have to do another search at the Job Centre.  Just... ugh, I fucking hate job hunting.  The only jobs I've ever successfully managed to get weren't based on application forms, but on actually talking to a real person who can see you and interact with you, rather than trying to guess your personality from some basic answers.  One thing's for damn sure; I am not, repeat not working at McDonald's again.  It's the most soul-destroying experience I've ever been through, and I'm never doing it ever again.  Ever.  I'd rather vacuum bloody office blocks.

*sigh*  I want some money, please.

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I would like a new brain now.  I'll swap you for one that doesn't think so much.  Just for a week, I want to live like someone who doesn't give a shit about anything and is quite happy being a pointless blot on the landscape, rather than living like someone who cares about far too much and is still a blot on the landscape.  Or maybe just being without brain would be nice.  I'll sell it.

For sale to good home: one brain + thoughts.  Twenty-two years on the clock; well-used but slightly mangled.  Would suit anorexic goth chick, but owner will sell to best offer.

Any takers?