July 18th, 2004

Random - Eyes

More films, more, I tell you!!

I finally got to watch Road To Perdition tonight, catching it randomly on Sky Movies 7 (formerly Sky Moviemax 2...)  I really wish I'd managed to see it at the cinema, because it's visually beautiful.  Tom Hanks is fantastic as usual, and the boy playing his son is also very very good.  Wonderful film.  Everyone needs to see it.

I suck at reviewing, sorry...

It's actually quite ironic (or something) that I've been listening to Seether's Disclaimer II for the entirety of my MH obsession and most of the writing of Come Forward (up to chapter 3, incidentally), yet the lyrics to this particular song struck me as being very apt for my Sunset Boulevard fic-timeline...

Collapse )

All right, all right.  Angsty and melodramatic.  The tune's pretty, okay?  It was the line about the photo, is all.  It's a key part of the entire fic, and once I'd got that mental image, the rest of the lyrics just seemed to fit.  Oddly, there aren't that many songs that DO fit Sunset, so I'm especially impressed that something by Seether, of all people, should be so apt.

I'll shut up.  I presume I'm going to my father's tomorrow; he hasn't texted to cancel (my father understands text messaging; I'm somewhat scared by this...) so that means I have to get up early.  Joy.  At least I can distract myself with EastEnders.  Failing that, the evil of I'm Famous and Frightened is apparently showing live at 2pm, so I'll watch that if I get absolutely desperate. I gave it a miss tonight as soon as I realised they'd decked the male celebrities in kilts.  Keith Chegwin in a kilt was disturbing enough; I didn't stick around to see Handy Andy Kane in one...

Edit: Oh, and collie_wing, I got your postcard this morning! :D