July 26th, 2004

Photo - leaves

New job, take two.

So, today was quite interesting, all told.

I wasn't due at the new job til 1.00 so I helped out (for free, I might add) at EIP doing some data inputting.  There were 700 of the damned things to go through (using an ancient system whereby the keys on the keyboard don't do what they're damn well supposed to, at least as far as we of the Windows generation are concerned...) and I got through about 75 in three hours, which really wasn't bad going.

12.40 I got driven to work - the Child Protection Unit for Ladywood - and was shown the ropes by the old temp.  Compared to last week it's all very straightforward (logging onto the computer aside...) and really is practically nothing but typing.  Audio typing's kinda fun, but I really do need to take some better headphones with me tomorrow...

I'm insanely tired, though; nearly fell asleep on the bus, in fact.  And got home to find that - finally - my results have arrived.

And what do I have to show for my three years of not very hard work?

"Second class honours, first division", apparently, which I'm taking to mean is a 2.1, which is precisely what I expected.  So, yay.  I have a degree.  I am officially a Bachelor of the Arts.  Is anyone else scared yet? ;)

Why the Hell am I still typing?  I get to spend 8 frelling hours typing.  Good job I enjoy it, huh? ;)