July 31st, 2004

Photo - leaves

Reading Project of Doom update.

I have finished Red Dragon (which is just as well, because the film's on Sky in August, so now I can watch it and do my English geek thing by comparing to the book...) and started Silence of the Lambs.

Well, wasn't that exciting?

Still don't know about what happened to the bedroom of the house five doors down.  We're hoping it was someone's stereo blowing up from excessive volume.

Talking of which, I had a battle with Neal next door (or possibly Louis, who lives two doors down) over who could play their music the loudest.  Final score: Seether 1, Annoying Generic Pop Band 0.  Har.  Also, note to general public: just because it is summer and you need to have your windows open does not mean the entire frelling street wants to hear your shitty music. Please learn this for future reference. Thank you.

I moved my room around, or part of it.  See, I needed to take a photo of the inner workings of the typewriter for my Non-Fiction page on the site (don't ask...) and couldn't get to it, and couldn't use it where it was - tucked between the drawers and the shelves near the computer.  And, well, originally I decided to clean my windowsill because it was looking decidedly skanky, which involved moving all the ornamets, polishing it, putting them back. And then I realised there was one missing, so I had to look down the back of the drawers.  I found it.  And then I decided that it would be a really good idea to move them and get the typewriter somewhere more logical so I could actually use it (it's not just a pretty keyboard, y'know...) having bought a ribbon and everything, and having still not yet written  anything of any consequence on it.  So I moved the drawers out, moved the typewriter on top of them, moved its little cabinetty thing (which is honestly serving no other purpose except to be useful storage for useless crap...) to the end of the TV/video unit, moved the drawers back into place, and put the typewriter on top of them.  So now I can use it.  Hurrah.  And then I had to dust everywhere else, obviously.  And sort my X-Files videos into the right order (I was sure I'd already done that, but apparently not...) or as near as dammit, and then I had to hoover, and when I'd finished, the phone rang.

How's that for good timing?

It was Aisha.  Her sister's getting married, y'see, and rather than it being a strictly social call, she was phoning me to ask if I wanted to waitress after said event.  Her mum's paying £5.50 an hour, and she's also trying to get a hold of Crystal for the same purpose, but she's being elusive, as usual.  Rachel's in Cardiff being a Proper Occupational Therapist, so she's out of the equation.  Anyway, I agreed, so that'll be about £20 worth on the 15th.  We had a pleasant chat about Angel, jobs, her elective that I'm meant to be joining her on in LA if it happens, etc.  And you know?  Nothing changes with Aisha.  It's bloody wonderful.  She's just Aisha.

And God, but I miss people.  I'll see Aisha on that Sunday, but I've not seen Crystal since... wow, the summer, I think, the same time I last saw Rachel.  Same goes for Angela because of random disorganisation that resulted in my meeting her as well as everyone else (and her meeting them by default; they all got on fine, luckily, but everyone likes Ang...) on the same day.  I've not seen Vickie (Johnston) since last June when she came to Derby; I've not seen Jennifer for centuries, and... to get to work I have to get the same buses I used to get to school when the 829 didn't turn up, and it's just slightly depressing.  Though not as bad as it would be if it was term time, I suppose.  But still, I wish I could get off at the Gurdwara, turn into Rose Hill Road, and make my way to the common room like old times...

*stops being nostalgic*

Nothing else to report. Over and out.