August 2nd, 2004

Photo - leaves


That was pleasantly random.  Crystal just phoned me to drag me out on Wednesday night to see Spiderman 2 with her and Aisha, and... wow, that was just like old times.  Insanely long and pointless phone conversations.  It was quite strange talking to her again.  And it seems that when it's just her and me, and no Rachel, she's... well, her.  Just like always, the same geeky insane Crystal.  So with it just being me, her and Aisha, Wednesday should be a very pleasant affair indeed.

I'm drowning in a sea of memories lately: the journey to work taking me past school; the re-emergence of my deeply buried X-Files geekdom; chatting to Crystal on the phone about Star Trek and Farscape and Buffy and everything else we had in common; reminiscing about Sci-Fi Club and finding she remembers the exact same things I do for the exact same idiotic reasons...  It seems that for every step forward I physically and metaphorically take in my life (finishing and obtaining my degree, holding down a full-time job), I take fifteen back in my mind.  Probably not the healthiest approach, but I've always been a creature of habit.

So, anyway, I shall see her on Wednesday, when I can lend Aisha Pirates of the Caribbean and hopefully get it back on the 15th after our waitressing services...
Random - Eyes

Whee, fic!spam!

You know what the one phrase is that I shout at my computer screen above all others?  Course you don't.

It's this:

"THEY'RE NOT [insert colour here], DAMMIT!!"

In reference to eye colour.  Because, honestly, if you haven't figured out the main characters' eye colour from either a) watching the show, b) publicity shots where the eye colour is frelling emphasised or c) reading other people's fic, then you seriously need to reconsider your geekness.

And this, more to the point, is why I'm so, so annoyed by the fact that I have no frellin' clue what colour Jeremy's eyes are (though they are possibly blue, which is fitting, in a way) because Faith's were definitely green, and that worked in my fic, and just... it's annoying.  Plus, you know, black and white movie, so I can't exactly find out from that.

I would explain why having blue eyes would be fitting, but then I'd be here all night, and I need to go to bed soon.  If I can ever stop reading X-Files fic, that is.  There's no going back, now.  I'm definitely getting re-obsessed/addicted to it.  Just watch; next I'll dig out my horrendous fics and read through them all.  And that would be a very, very bad thing.  Yes, it would.