August 4th, 2004

Erik - blank

Not-quite film review

So, Spiderman 2. Collapse )

So, there we go.  Worth seeing, but don't expect anything intelligent or thought-provoking.  We saw it at the UGC on Broad Street, incidentally, which is fast becoming one of my favourite cinemas.  The Odeon is just nostalgic, really, though as a cinema it's not really that good, excepting screens 1 and 2.  Star City is severly overrated; it's too big and too loud and it doesn't get enough people to justify the effort they put into it (though the three special screens with the special chairs and private bar somewhat make up for that... I kid ye not. They exist.  I saw Scary Movie there with scifinutter during teH Summar ov M0viez!)  But UGC's nice, with lovely big screens, and it also shows randomly obscure things on occasion that we are now sorely lacking in thanks to the Electric closing down (bastards.)

But it reminded me why I love cinema.  Okay, so I wasn't exactly watching Gone With the Wind, but... it doesn't matter.  It could be the worst film in the world, but it's the experience of cinema that I love, the grand scale of it, the way it sucks you in.  Theatre does that, too, but to a lesser degree, depending on the show; audience participation brings it closer, I guess.  I think I forgot my point.  But basically, right before the film started, I was sitting there basking in the hugeness of the (blank) screen and thinking, "Wow, it doesn't get any better than this... Escapism, here I come." or some such. Probably less coherent than that and more along the lines of, "Duuuuuude.  Big."

Oh, and that vegetarian restaurant we went to for lunch was really quite nice; I had an Italian herb cheeseburger that consisted entirely of vegetables and I ate all of it, and I think I tried couscous, too.  Possibly.  It was something rice-looking that tasted of... green.  Oddly nice, though.  Helped get to know the office people better, too, which is always good.  They all think I'm crazy.  My work here is done.

Final note: Halle Berry as Catwoman?  BLASPHEMY!  It's Michelle Pfeiffer in the sewn-up catsuit or nobody.