August 5th, 2004

Photo - leaves

See BeX's brain. See BeX's brain go "wheee!"

We had two thunderstorms today!!  One as I was leaving work, thus resulting in my getting slightly soaked (though it did cool down our horrendously warm office when it started, and soaked some envelopes in the process...) and one a few minutes ago.  Scratch that, make it three because one's just started.


I am slowly learning how to do the horribly and unnecessarily comlicated distributions/circulations of review minutes.  Go me.  I am dreading tomorrow, though, because I'll inevitably have nothing to do and probably spend the day doing more distributions.  Hurrah.

*singsong voice* My mum's got a boyyyfriend.  He's come round for dinner tonight so I've been banised to the upper reaches of the house. ;)  Anyone who speaks to carpathia at any point will learn about the snogging in O'Neills...

I'm sure I was going to say something else.  The brain-buzz killed my higher thought processes.
Photo - leaves

Ha! Take that, AOL!

So, AOL says you can't use Outlook, does it?  Well, you can, if you know where to look.

So, finally, I can receive and send email from my website account.  Which is something incredibly trivial and minor, but it's been bugging me for ages, dammit.  I love that AOL doesn't count on people being too clever for it. ;)