August 6th, 2004

Buffy - sanity

Need sleep now...

...but am addicted to X-Files fic.  I think I must've missed that phase the first time around, apart from the whole emailing-the-entire-Disney-world-fanfiction-to-myself-from-the-message-board incident.  I've still got that, incidentally...

Anyway, today I remembered that there are birthdays coming up, so went to WHSmith's to find cards.  I bought three, two for aforesaid birthdays, and one for myself.

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The message rang true, and I liked the picture...  I'm currently working on iconing it, but there's too much of the quote to fit onto a single icon, and I may have to animate it... if not, I'll just use the picture.  Will post attempts when I have more than one and a half of them. :)

I had something else to say there, and now I've forgotten it again... Ah, well.