August 10th, 2004

SB - Max - Oy

A moving target's hard to hit. Or, apparently, not.

Wasn't the rain this morning utterly fantastic?  Now, that was real rain, dammit.  Great big splodgy wet rain drumming on the pavement.  Wonderful.

There's also something oddly relaxing about standing under an umbrella and having the rain beat down above you.

What wasn't fantastic was this:  I was walking up from the flyover towards work, and the road had basically turned into a river.  Most cars, in such a situation, will slow down if they're near the kerb, if only to stop their car getting soaked in dirty rainwater.  Lorries will also tend to swerve away from the kerb so they don't soak pedestrians.

So, there I am, walking up the road, relatively dry under my umbrella, when some frellnik in a black car decided it would be really, really funny to speed up to sixty miles per hour, drive through the puddle at the edge of the road, and soak me.  And I mean soak me.  I'm talking tidal wave, here.  My entire left hand side was soaked through, and of course, I was wearing jeans, so I didn't dry out til about midday, and had to sit with the heater on for most of the day trying to dry my sodding trainers off.

He did it on purpose.  I know he did, because I was instinctively moving further away from the road whenever a vehicle went past to avoid my ankles getting wet, and as soon as I saw the car coming, I realised he was speeding up.  I didn't even have time to think "Oh, shit" before I was engulfed in puddle water, nor did I have time to put the umbrella sideways on to at least get some protection.  Bastard.  Pity I didn't get his licence number; I'd like to hunt him down and pour water over his head, see how he likes it.

It's funny now, so I'll permit you all to laugh at my misfortune.  But at 8.30 in the morning, when you're tired and still have a five minute walk to work to go, it's really not.

On the plus side, there's not only a repeat of Most Haunted on at 10.00, but also a Most Haunted Unseen on before it.  That should tame the withdrawal nicely.