August 12th, 2004

Photo - leaves

From one extreme to the other.

So, yesterday I had nothing to do for about two hours.  I managed to drag out two hand-written reviews for typing over about four hours by writing them out myself first to make sense of them, and then finished the remainder of the DoH pile.

By comparison, today I arrived to find two tapes for typing from Judy, which I made a start on, anticipating having to drag those out over the day, too.  Then Liz H brought me two more.  And then Dawn arrived and went through the pile of stuff in her tray.  There was a rather amusing moment when she wandered in with a set of minutes for a strategy meeting and headed over to Zoe (one of the admin staff) to ask if she'd typed it up.  She hadn't, because I had.  She said, "You... are wonderful.  How did you make sense of this?" and indicated her notes with a gesture of randomness.  I shrugged, because I didn't remember.

So, that was nice.  And then she brought in all the other bits of typing I wasn't sure about and told me they were perfect (apart from the layout being screwy, so I still had to reprint them) and had me grinning like a moron for about ten minutes.  The downside was that then there were amendments to other reviews added to my pile, and a large pile of completed, signed minutes for distribution.  Katie (other temp) made a start on those while I was finishing my typing; I've still got one review to do tomorrow and two things for distribution, but hopefully nothing else because I think I'm getting RSI...

Nothing else to report... I think.