August 18th, 2004

Random - Garbo

Long time, no see...

Sorry for the latest absence.  Blame tiredness, lack of internet access at work (can't have our Birmingham City Council employees surfing anything other than, can we?) and general blahness.

So, what have I been doing?  Typing.  Lots of it.  Distributions.  Slightly less of them.  And that's about it.  Except for this:

Sunday. Aisha's sister's wedding reception.  Me, Crystal, and her sister, Erin, were all waitressing.  At first, the thought of a mere three of us having to serve about 90 extended family members was a tad daunting, but not too much.  Aisha helped, which was fine, though she didn't have to and got her nice traditional outfit covered in curry.  Anyway, it was all horrendously disorganised, and could have been done more effectively if they'd assigned us a curry each (there were three different ones, so everyone got confused) rather than apparently randomly dishing them out.  And it would have been even better if Kareem (Aisha's brother), their mother, and random Indian people hadn't decided to help and filled the very small kitchen with more people than could easily fit in there, resulting in oil being split on the floor and yours truly slipping and falling over on it twice.  Yes, twice.  Unfair?  I thought so, too.

So now I have a rather large and purple bruise on my left knee, and have been unable to stand on my left foot for about two days.  At least is wasn't the right; the one I broke last summer.  That wouldn't have been very fun.

Anyway, I got about £25 out of it, so it wasn't all bad, and it was nice seeing Aisha and Crystal again and doing some reminiscing, and get this!  Miss Insch was there! And she remembered me! Purely because of the red stripey tights!  So there I was, clearing a table, arms full of dirty plates, having a conversation with my former headmistress about tights and university and such, getting gossip, requesting photos of the quartet, and being ordered to visit in late September to see the new sports block.  So.  That was nice.

Nothing else to report.  I'm sure there were lots of things I was going to say, but my brain is slowly dying...