August 27th, 2004

Photo - leaves

My life is officially a soap opera...

...either that, or a strip from Dilbert, I'm not sure which.  I mean, what with mail-order brides and the Pertemps fiasco, it seems to be some kind of bizarre combination of the two.

Today was decidedly odd anyway.  Firstly, the office appears to have been invaded by annoying little flies which persist in flying around our heads and investigating our lunches, and congregating around the bin-of-tea-bags.  Pleasant.  I suggested we should perhaps fumigate the office over the Bank Holiday weekend (4-day-weekend-yay!) in case the little buggers breed and we have an infestation upon our return...

Having nothing to do, Judy decided to aid me in my plight for work and got me to distribute her Reviews to the Social Workers and their Team Managers (cue much asking about who so-and-so's Team Manager was...) and then had me doing her filing for about an hour while she dictated something for me to type later.

I got the tape after lunch (and a lot of disorganisation regarding my timesheet by the agency - it was meant to be faxed in by 12.00 and I didn't receive it from them until 1.30, then didn't get it signed and faxed back by Tina H until about 2.30...) and could hear myself shuffling in the background.

And herein begins the Weirdest Afternoon Ever.  But first, some back story:

My second week there, Cynthia (the Review Clerk) was on leave, and had been replaced for the week by Ben, another agency worker, who then moved back to Small Heath Area Office on Cynthia's return.  On Tuesday of this week, Bal phoned him to ask if he was coming to Judy's leaving lunch on Thursday, and then fedback that he wasn't, as he was in Germany for an interview for Vodafone.

So.  After lunch, while I am typing Judy's minutes, I receive an e-mail from Ben.  He tells me about his interview in Germany, and asks me what I remember about Germany, my having mentioned in passing that I went there once.  He ends the e-mail by asking more about me.

I e-mail back and say I probably can't help him in the slightest as it was in year 8 and I barely remember anything about it, and what would he like to know.

So he asks a few specific questions, and I email back with a few specific answers and direct the same question back, and then two e-mails later he asks me out.

Let's just re-read that, shall we?  Ben, via e-mail, under the pretence of asking about Germany, asked me out.  Colour me slightly stunned.

As I was then about to go home, I sent him my yahoo address so he can e-mail me here to continue the discussion ;) and signed off with "Incidentally, that first email was about as subtle as a brick", but I doubt I could've done much better...

Apparently, Alisha (a recently appointed Social Work Assistant who was meant to be a CP Admin and got her SWA post on her first day as an Admin...) has been flirting with Ben all week at Small Heath and scaring him half to death, so obviously I'm less terrifying than Alisha.

So, yeah.  Um.  I may have a date, though I don't know when.  My God, I'm so bad at this sort of thing.  I shall update at some point.

See?  I'm living in a soap opera!

Incidentally, I'm quite sad Judy's leaving, as her little post-it messages are sweet.  When she gave me Review decisions for typing (she normally does them herself and I fill in the minutes) her little note said "These are decisions only that have become the proverbial albatross around my neck..." and, in a pile of decisions that needed an apology-I'm-leaving paragraph inserted, her note said, "For reasons of madness, I typed these and then deleted them..."  Aw.  Plus, her tapes usually take me about an hour, whereas Liz's take about half that.  She's going to be sending some more in for me to do after she leaves, as there's 15 to get through that she didn't manage this week, so I should be occupied for a while, anyway.

Oh, and the thing that amused me yesterday that I forgot to mention - on the attendance sheet for one of the Reviews, under 'position', the young person in attendance had written "Geezer". :D