August 29th, 2004

Photo - leaves

Stop spending money, damn you!

I like earning money, because it means I can buy things.  Which does rather defeat the purpose of trying to earn the money to have it in the first place...  I've bought far too many clothes and things lately, and I'd take pictures but I've forgotten exactly how much I've bought.  Um.  Also went out and got a £70 MP3 player yesterday because I realised it would take far too long and be too much hassle to put all my music on cassette... I blame Eni for that impulse buy.  She knows why.

I have pictures to post at one point, including my latest attempts at baking - a single-layer cake with icing pyramids on the top to take to work, and a triple-layer fudge-covered cake that sort of, um, toppled... - and my post-it-encrusted desk.  It's my disorganised attempt to organise my writing bits...