September 4th, 2004

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I'm not sure when, exactly, I can take the design in to ask if/when/how they can do it, but in any case, I've finally finished designing my Phantom tattoo to hopefully get done on Friday...

To go on my left collarbone, though the reason why now escapes me.  I'm going to trace it later to tidy it up (the notes are all supposed to be straight and the stave isn't supposed to be quite that curved) but that's pretty much what it'll be...  I was aiming for artistic, using the mask, but not so much as to be horrendously tacky, and using music from the actual show - the phrase there is the opening of Angel of Music.

Except now, of course, I want to immortalise all of my random obsessions*.  Any suggestions where I could get the cats-eyes logo from Cats done?  Ankle, maybe?

Anyway, I'll post pictures when/if it gets done.  Christ knows how much it's going to cost... Hopefully not that much as it's fairly small and only in black, but as it's custom, I just don't know.

*By 'all', I mean those I've been obsessed with for an extended period of time and which can easily be transformed into fairly artistic tattoos... I'd love a Sunset one just because... it's Sunset, and it should be tattooed, but I wouldn't have the first clue what to get done.  I don't think I'd go so far as to immortalise Buffy or any of my TV-based obsessions - no, not even Most Haunted ;) - though I was briefly considering a Spuffy one until my brain kicked in and said "Er, no", but maybe the musicals-based ones.  Except possibly Rocky, unless it was the Lips.  I had a plan to get the little logo thingies from Moulin Rouge done randomly around my body, but I'm running out of body, now. :)  And on top of this I still have to get my Catwoman done, my name in Egyptian, and something Nightmare-related, possibly on my leg, and most likely Jack...  Argh.  Damn addictive things...
Random - Eyes


I just discovered, on a whim, that I can play the theme to American Beauty (the "dee dee dee-duh-dee" one) on the piano.  Not well, but most of the notes are in the right place and I did quite well with the pedalling, considering I was never damn well taught pedalling.  There's hope of my re-learning yet...

My word, but the piano needs tuning. :)
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