September 15th, 2004

Photo - leaves


So, after a random absence, I returnetheth to your friends lists with random pieces of news:

1) I am quite horrendously addicted to Most Haunted, in case people hadn't guessed that already.
2) I currently have nothing to do at work, but hopefully this'll change soon as a) Liz H should be back soonish and I'll be getting more than one set of minutes per week to type; b) CPAdmins are meant to be doing four meetings a week by instruction of Tina H, and my other job is to distribute them, so that'll give me something else to do and I might even get a chance to listen to music and zone out entirely whilst doing so; and c) if they're cutting back by getting rid of agency workers but are low on minute-takers, I could be working for the BCC on a permanent basis.  Apparently.
3) I'm going out with Ben again tomorrow night; we're going to Ask on Hagley Road, and I'll update on that at some point.  I'm not entirely sure when the transition from 'meeting up outside of work' to 'going out on a regular basis' takes place...
4) I just banged my little toe against the desk and now it hurts.
5) After nearly a full day of frustration, non-functionality, broken wireless aerials, and reinstalling of AOL 9.0, WE FINALLY HAVE BROADBAND AND A HOME NETWORK!  Which means I can finally get online before 10.00pm and me and my mother can both be on at the same time.  Huzzah!
6) In discussion whilst at Asda (where else?), I have been allowed to hold a Hallowe'en party, since it seems falling_softly may not be able to.  Naturally, I'll email/post full details of this if it takes place nearer the time,  but for now I'll just say that it'll be BYOB and BYOF, I'll remove most of the more expensive/rare ornaments, but please be careful of the others, and the obligatory costume will be literary/movie/TV-themed.  Everyone who reads this is, of course, invited, whether they're in the country or not. ;)  It'll probably be on the Friday (29th, I think) as Hallowe'en itself is a Sunday.

Woo!  Broadband!  Hallowe'en!