September 19th, 2004

Buffy - Jealous Vampire Crap

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Walk Through the Fire is a fantastic song.  It does have some flaws (Anthony Stewart Head's section being far too low for him, for one) but those are countered by the utter wonderfulness of the rest of it.  It blends parody and an actual decent proper musical montage into one song, and some of the harmonies are frelling gorgeous - especially that bit when Sweet sings "She will come to me" as Buffy sings "These endless days are finally ending in a blaze", which consistently sends little tingles down my spine.  And I love how Spike's and Sweet's voices are so well-matched when they're singing their bit.  And I love Tara's descants, and Willow's little throwaway line, and the fact that she just has that one line on her own because she's not that good on the singing thing compared to everyone else, so it's just quite sweet.  (And I love that Tara has this amazing unknown talent when Willow doesn't... don't know why, I just love it.)

I'm done waxing musical, honest.  But it's a fantastic song.  It really is.
Erik - blank

Oi! Jonathan Creek geeks!

Or, more specifically, Caroline Quentin geeks...

Mine and Eni's Comment Thread of Ultimate Doom has somehow gotten onto the subject of Caroline Quentin (I forget why, though we did cover Jonathan Creek before...) and how there isn't a single person alive who doesn't fancy her... and I got out my lovely World of Jonathan Creek book to find the Alan Davies quote in relation to that, and found pictures at the same time...

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I love Caroline Quentin.  She rocks.  Annoyingly enough, I do quite like Julia Sawalha (who plays Maddy's replacement, Carla), as an actress, and it really is a testiment to her fantastic acting ability that she can make me hate the character so much.  For God's sake, I even like her in the Argos adverts.

Random pictures posted because it's far less energy expenditure than trying to construct a rant about my father, and since I'm going to be seeing him for some forseeable time, you'd really only get bored by the ranting if I did it every week.  Besides, there was nothing that made me particularly homicidal this week...
JC - cockroach OTP - J/M


To celebrate the finding of random pictures and indulge in finally making myself a Jonathan Creek icon...

If you don't look carefully, it looks like a butterfly rather than a cockroach; I know that's what I thought it was, and that's why I went "Oo!" when I saw it.  Ah, well, it's still cute, and I like it.

Yay Jonathan/Maddy!  Getting ficcing urges again.  Gah.