September 25th, 2004

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Two (possibly three) bizarre dreams...

I've not been sleeping well the past couple of days, though not for any apparently obvious reason.  I just keep waking up at about 1am and finding it impossible to go back to sleep.  Which could account for my tiredness all of this week and the weird dreams I had last night...

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Yeah, it all made much more sense at the time.

Now, I have a dilemma.  I'm meant to be going somewhere with Aisha (randomly - whee!! Carmina Burana!) though I don't know what we're doing any more as the original plan was to see The Bourne Supremacy with her and Crystal, but Crystal's not coming... so we might be doing something else.  Anyway, she's going to bring all the details of her elective in LA, which I'm meant to be accompanying her on.  And it's April-May of next year.  Which I think is when I'm meant to be going to Athens with Vicky and her parents... though I'm not sure if that's been booked yet.

So, dilemma.  I'm not sure when Easter falls, or when the trip to Athens is, but I have a suspicion it's the month I'm meant to be going to LA with Aisha.  And if I had the choice between the two (LA being £100 more expensive, so I'm not bothered about that, as I was going to pay £500 for Athens anyway) I'd choose LA.

I mean, LAThe American one.  Aisha's giving me this fantastic chance to go with her for a month to a place - not the first city of choice, I'll admit - I've wanted to go to for as long as I can remember.  But Vicky's giving me a chance to go with her on a trip to Athens the likes of which I wouldn't ordinarily go on...  I don't want to let either of them down, and technically I did promise Aisha first, and Vicky knows I'm meant to be going to LA with her, but that was when it was still planned for June, and she wanted to go with me because her friend Laura was really annoying when they went on a tour in London and she doesn't want to fall out with her...  And I know that Aisha and I always ended up arguing on DofE when we had to share a tent, but that's because we're both bossy and it was stressful...  Gah, I don't know.  I mean, LA wins over Athens hands-down, but it's a case of which person I let down...

So, what do I do?  All opinions and suggestions gratefully accepted.  Just be glad I didn't give you the other dilemma I'm stuck in...
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And, randomly...

Meme stolen (slightly late, but it's cold now) from shibaiko...

TEN Things You Did
001. Got a regular job.
002. Spent too much money.
003. Went to Alton Towers with Naomi.
004. Had a pleasant week off with Vicky and went to Blackpool.
005. Got irreversibly obsessed with Most Haunted.
006. Started a novel based on it.
007. Nearly finished the next chapter of Sweet Intoxication.
008. Watched lots of random films.
009. Got broadbanded.
010. Started my Reading Project of Doom (I'm up to The Woman in White, incidentally, and there's no way I'm gonna finish that in three weeks.  Yeah.  You heard me.  THREE WEEKS TIL I GET TO SEE MICHAEL CRAWFORD!!!

NINE Favorite Songs of the Summer
(in no particular order...)
001. Karl Jenkins - Adimeus (all of it)
002. Meatloaf - Is Nothing Sacred?
003. Evanescence - Taking Over Me
004. David Bowie - As The World Falls Down
005. REM - The Great Beyond (thanks to pandorasblog)
006. Seether & Amy Lee - Broken
007. The Rasmus - Dead Letters album
008. Classic FM
009. Lots of other stuff.  I've bought lots of music.

EIGHT Places You Ate At
001. McDonalds
002. Burger King
003. Some pub somewhere near Worcester...
004. Ask
005. Pavillions Shopping Centre
006. Harry Ramsdens
007. Ordered a pizza for the first time in about five years...
008. Home.  Um.

SEVEN Things that Annoyed You
001. Not getting enough sleep.
002. Having about five fantastic thunderstorms in the space of two days and being at work for all of them.
003. Not managing to see The Stepford Wives.
004. Lloyd, though I don't remember what it was he said...
005. Missing Derek Acorah.  Or rather, missing the chance to get tickets when I could've done.
006. My father.
007. Having lots of reading to do and not enough time to do it in...

SIX Things You Bought
001. Lots of clothes.
002. Lots of books.
003. Lots and lots of music.
004. Entrance to Blackpool.
005. Prettypretty Paris photographs calendars.
006. A cinema ticket.

FIVE Things You Accomplished
001. Steady job.
002. Started the Reading Project of Doom.
003. Finished Uni.
004. TeH Comment Thread of Ultimate D00m over on Eni's DJ.  (500!!)
005. B for my dissertation!

FOUR Movies You Saw
001. Spiderman 2
002. Guarding Tess
003. Shrek 2
004. Most Haunted Live.  Well, it might as well be. :P

THREE Things You Wish You Did
001. Had more time to see people this summer.
002. Managed to damn well see The Stepford Wives
003. Finished some writing...

TWO Things You'll Miss About The Summer
001. Nice weather.
002. That thought of "Oh, well, I'll be going back to Derby in September."

ONE Thing You LOVED About This Summer
001. Having money.
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(Last post for a while, honest...)

Just been to the website for The Woman in White.  Michael Crawford's barely recognisable. :D  Look!!

It has, however, had some wonderful reviews so far, and as I've said all along, Lloyd Webber really knows how to do Victorian melodrama, and I have absolute faith in him.  And at any rate, seeing anything on the stage it's designed for makes it three-hundred times better than any tour could be, and now I'm really starting to get quite excited... And quite frankly, I think I'm going to dissolve when Michael sings anyway, so the show won't really matter. :)