September 29th, 2004

Photo - leaves

Some things.

1) An observation.  For absolutely ages, I was one of those people who frowned on buses when other people's walkmans were playing at full volume.  Surely, thought I, the entire point of a walkman is so that nobody else can hear your music.  I fear, however, I have turned into one of those other people.  Mainly because I have to turn the volume up higher to hear my music over the insanely loud TWM buses (especially most of the No. 11s; I swear half of them should've been relegated to scrapyards at least 10 years ago) and also because... it just blocks the world out.  For the most part, it's just me and my music and nothing else.

But I'm still convinced that nobody else can probably hear it, because when I take my earphones out to hear people tell me how much money I owe them or whatever, I can't hear it any more... so I am, regrettably, still one of those people who frown on buses.  But the other people play shitty music, so it's all right for me frown at them.

2) The Randomness of my day.  Well, nobody can say this job isn't interesting.  I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but they've offered me a permanent position (doing the same job) at BCC, because they need to cut down on expenditure for personnel, which means cutting down on agency staff or making them council employees, as that's cheaper than paying an agency to hire us.  So, anyway, this was all vaguely sorted two weeks ago; last week they were meant to draw up a job description (since one doesn't exist so far), then I was meant to apply, and then the interviews were meant to be this Monday.  I said I'd apply, which Tina was very pleased about (I'm getting something of a reputation as 'that there fast typist at Ladyood', I think) and then nothing happened for a week.

So, today she rang me to say "Interviews are tomorrow!"  What?  Oh.  "I'll email you the job description later today, okay?"  Okay.  So she did, and I sent it back, and I'm being interviewed at 9.45 tomorrow for the position I'm already in, despite the fact I'm pretty much guaranteed the job anyway.  Procedures suck.

Anyway, I'll update on that tomorrow, probably.

3. And finally.  Some photos.

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Hands up how many of you wish I'd never got this camera? ;)