October 13th, 2004

Photo - leaves

The London Underground can wait.

I was meant to be looking for a printable map that we can use over the weekend, but decided to read through the friends-list of _mhotp_ instead, just to see what kind of mad people are frequenting it (even though I know most of them) and discovered intriguing meme-age...

"...it might be cool to start a meme where you list all the first lines of your fics and then people write drabbles in the comments with the same first line."

And, yeah, maybe if you don't want to do a drabble, I felt like putting the first lines of my fics.  I looked at my fanfic.net profile the other day, which informed me I had 40 stories published there.  40! Over six fandoms, admittedly, but still quite impressive.  Anyway, here are the first lines from each of those fics, in no particular order, just to celebrate my terrifying copiousness... I'd do the first lines from all of my fics, but we'd be here all night.

And let's see how well some of you know my fic; if not the actual fic, then guess the fandom.  I think ennixeve may have something of an unfair advantage in that regard...

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Now I need to find that map.  Thinking about it, that subject would make a pretty good first line, too...

Maybe I'll do a non-FFN version of this at some point just for some variation.