October 14th, 2004

Erik - blank

*gibbers incoherently*

Okay.  This time tomorrow I'll probably be either in the theatre drooling over Michael Crawford, or standing outside the theatre waiting for Michael Crawford so I can fangirl him.  I have no idea how successful I'll be, but here's hoping.  I am, after all, teH uber-fangirl.



Just in case you didn't catch that the first six hundred times this year. :D

So, since I'm going to be absent for three days, kindly refrain from doing anything even remotely interesting until I'm back.  Tomorrow morning I have to get up early so I can dye my hair (going red this time, just for a change) and make sure we've got everything and find a pad I can fit into my bag.  Bah.  Oh, that reminds me.  *charges batteries for camera*

Oh, bugger, and the others are going.  I can't charge two sets at once, damn you!

And, see, if the theatre trip wasn't enough, there's the tour of Drury Lane, which is right near Aldwych Underground, and they're both old Most Haunted locations (I'm getting through them, slowly) because my geekiness knows no bounds. :D

Okay, I shall end this post before I lapse even futher into incoherence.  See you all on Sunday night/Monday morning with a write-up, no doubt.